1960 MV Agusta 125 Turismo Rapido Lusso

Worth the Wait

During the recently concluded Motobuilds Pilipinas, we were captivated by the countless custom motorcycles on display and amazed by the unexpectedly high level of expertise, ingenuity and creativity showcased by our local custom builders. But among the numerous choppers and scramblers on display, one particular bike stood out from the rest. It’s the MV Agusta 125 Turismo Rapido. From a safe distance, it may look just like an ordinary Japanese business model from the 1970’s, but upon closer inspection, you will see that it’s actually a relatively rare MV Agusta single. But what’s striking about this particular bike is how fresh it looks. From every detail, it would seem that it just left the factory yesterday, when in fact it left the assembly line 57 years ago in 1960.

The 125 Turismo Rapido was first introduced by MV Agusta in 1954 when they decided to concentrate on 4-stroke engines. Several variants of the 125 Turismo Rapido were made, namely the Extra, Lusso, Extra Lusso and America, until its production stopped in 1963. It proved popular among riders and a total 14,105 units were made during its entire production run. One of them found its way to the Philippines and is currently owned by Jevis Aguila. Thankfully, the bike was complete before he brought it to Alex Car Restoration in Quezon City for some restoration works. Alex Car Restoration primarily specializes in car restoration, but as you can well see, they also do extremely well with motorcycles. So well in fact that Jevis’ bike won Best Vintage Restored at the Moto-Builds 2017. According to Alex Isip, the guy behind Alex Car Restoration, it took them six months to restore the bike to its former glory because they had to dismantle and redo everything down to the smallest bolt. But according to Jevis, the outcome was worth the wait.