2009 Honda Jazz - Just Right

Truthfully, the automotive tuning hobby doesn't just revolve around hardcore race parts and peak horsepower numbers. A vast majority involves modding everyday daily drivers with a minimalist approach using proper aftermarket parts to make it stand out. Sounds easy, but with so many parts to choose from, it can make or break any build. This is why it’s important to stick with a main theme and only get the best ones. Oh, and keeping it simple yet functional should always serve as the main guiding factor. Just like our featured Honda Jazz that Jabs Samson transformed into a Japanese-inspired Honda Fit.

Since he started driving, he has already owned quite a number of vehicles. These range from a Civic, a RAV4, Pajero Fieldmaster, Fortuner, and even a Lancer GLXi. While all of them were treated to all kinds of aftermarket parts, Jabs wasn't interested in having a theme during then and didn't care if the aftermarket parts he got were legit or copies. However, there was one aspect that he paid really close attention to on all the cars he’s ever owned: a good quality car audio system to crank out his favorite playlists, which stems from his love for music.

After acquiring his Jazz a few years ago, his interest in modding Japanese cars took on a more serious effort. In fact, his plans for the Jazz revolved on having a full-Spoon setup and transforming it into a JDM-spec Honda Fit. One of Jabs’ sources was JDMselect of Dondie Mallari who supplied him with a Spoon intake manifold and an HKS cold air intake. Both of which are capable of yielding significant increase in power output. Completing the basic intake, header and exhaust trio of bolt-ons is a Spoon N1 exhaust out back. As far as handling is concerned, a set of BC coilovers makes it corner better than stock while a Spoon monoblock caliper ensures that the 16-inch Spoon CR93 wheels stop when the need arises.

The tuner theme continues inside the cockpit with a slew of upgrades. The most prominent being the Spoon steering wheel, Spoon rear view mirror, Recaro SR5 seats, the all-important gauges to monitor the engine’s vitals while a Miracle crossbar adds structural rigidity for hatchbacks. The simple yet elegant exterior saw such essential items like Spoon side mirrors, a Spoon front chin and Spoon rear wing that closely adhere to the Spoon theme. But the one really taking center stage inside is his custom audio system done by Projekt Audio Innovations owned by Christopher Samson. After carefully selecting a mixed bag of components from different manufacturers, the resulting sound nothing short of crystal clear with just the right levels of mids, highs and lows. Coincidentally, this is also exactly what any build should be. Having just the right amount of mods. Not too much or too little, just right. Which is how we like it.            


2009 Honda Jazz

Jabs Samson

Engine Mods: Spoon Intake Manifold, Spoon Oil Cap, Spoon Rad Cap, Spoon brake fluid socks, HKS Intake, Spoon N1 exhaust 

Exterior: Spoon Side Mirrors, Spoon Front Chin, Spoon rear Wing, Honda Red H Emblem, RS Emblem, FIT Emblem

Interior: Spoon Steering Wheel, Spoon Rear View Mirror, Next Miracle CrossBar, Recaro SR5 Seats, Defi Oil Press, Water, Oil Temp, Fuel Press Gauges

Audio System: Beyma Audio Speakers 6.5", Cadence Tweeters Bullet Type, Sundown SA12 Audio Subwoofer, DC Audio 120.4 and 1000.1 Amplifiers, Pioneer 959BT Head Unit, Stinger Batteries

Suspension & Brakes: BC Coilovers. Spoon Monoblock Caliper  

Rollers: Spoon Cr93 Wheels (17x7), Achilles 123S Tires (205/40ZR17)

Kudos To: Projekt Audio Innovations, LNB Car Surplus and Carbon, JC Auto Electrical, Precision 24 Auto Detailer