March 04, 2011 By Francis G. Pallarco

2004 Honda Civic 2.0L


Words by Sydney Ang, Photos by Francis Pallarco

Here’s a daily driven showcar that makes onlookers green with envy

Cisco Systems executive Jason Villados is certainly no Britt Reid, and he’s definitely no Kato. “Dude you really should watch the Green Hornet! It’s so awesome!” were the first words out of his mouth as he brought his retina searing lime green 2005 Honda Civic to the shoot. Like many a same story before him, Jason started modifying his car slowly, one piece at a time. His first visit to SpeedLab was just to get a K&N short ram intake fitted on his K20 equipped ES Civic. This was done with his initial intention of just wanting a little more power and some fuel economy benefits. And as the story goes, that was just the beginning of more mods to come. Wanting more power, SpeedLab then fitted his ride with a DC5 Integra Type-R full exhaust system, from the exhaust header all the way to the muffler. Finally, a Unichip Fuel computer was then used to maximize the intake and header mods. Once the dyno tuning was done, the Civic now put out 146 horsepower at the wheel at 6500rpm. Certainly not bad for an engine with a few bolt-on stuff.


Soon enough, Jason decided to enter his Civic to its first ever car show. It was during this time that the guys over at SpeedLab didn’t see Jason for the next couple of months. When he did show up, the once drab gray-colored Civic was now a blinding hue of the limiest green. Using polyurethane paint and numerous coats of clear to make the shine really super glossy Crossfive auto shop was responsible for the body and paint. Every show car needs to have the proper lowered stance, so in went a set of fully adjustable Emotion coilovers that allowed Jason height and damping adjust. Skunk2 and Progress lower control arms also allow the suspension of the Civic to be properly adjusted in terms of camber, caster and toe. In addition, these aftermarket pieces also weigh lighter than the stock ones. Aside from the eye-catching paint, the bright lime green color is contrasted with a Stage 21 carbon fiber hood, trunk, and front lip spoiler and side skirts. Underneath the hood, Chrome Dazzler gave the valve cover, intake tube and intake manifold that oh so desirable bling treatment, Z Works then supplied carbon fiber engine and sparkplug wire covers. An Ultra Racing strut bar and Greddy oil catch can round out the engine dress up bits. A combination of chrome paint and aftermarket goodies perfectly illustrates what it takes to transform any engine compartment into an eye-catching piece of equipment.


Interior mods include a pair of Recaro sport bucket seats together with Takata safety harnesses. A JVC MP3 capable headunit replaces the antiquated stock offering. Whenever a car show rolls around, Jason religiously brings his car to Waxdaddy for their patented waterless engine detailing along with the full interior and exterior treatment. Jason also swaps out his daily driver Linea Corse rims with a set of Rota P45s, painted flat black with the same lime green lip, time attack style for show duties for that winning finish. So what did all his efforts amount to? After considering that Jason got two Best in Paint awards at the 2010 Bumper 2 Bumper and CARdiologist car shows, and Best of Show, I would say that the best is still yet to come. With more shows lined up for this year, Jason’s Green Hornet certainly has the sting and the zing to pull in more car show trophies. Take that Kato!

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