1992 Honda Civic EG – It’s Personal

Moving forward and paying homage to its original builder

The roots of this timeless build runs deep and way back as owner Pow Anticamara explains, “This is my personal car and a personal project that has been with me since college. All previous engine and car works have been done by the late great Bong Hilario of H3 Autoworks and more recently by Ace San Agustin and his team at Powerhouse Race Specialists.” Obviously, this build strikes a more personal chord, as it comprises a myriad of experiences such as the numerous engine swaps, endless tuning sessions, and more importantly the close friendship with the builder. All of which explains why Pow continues his journey of keeping/maintaining his car and driving it. After all, only a true enthusiast knows what it’s like to enjoy a car that they personally built/modified part-by-part and step-by-step.

Garnering the Car of the Year in Japan for the second time says a lot about the great work done by Honda in creating the fifth iteration of the ’92-’95 Civic (EG). The fifth-gen Civic brought forth a new body style with remarkable suspension refinements and SOHC engines equipped with VTEC technology, which collectively added up to the makings of a popular sedan. For local performance enthusiasts who wanted more, the only option they had back then were resorting to B-series engine swaps. Something that ultimately became the norm for Civics of this generation and the others that followed. “Got it in ‘01 with a B16A already which was done by Bong Hilario of H3, then we swapped a built B20 engine. After it got damaged, we swapped another B20 but left it stock.”

Back then, B20 engine swaps weren’t popular at first, but it didn’t take long before enthusiasts and tuners utilized the B20 for their ‘Frankenstein’ swaps as it offered more displacement and slightly higher compression ratios. By using a B20 engine block and putting a VTEC B-Series cylinder head, this proved to be successful in making plenty of low-end torque and high-end horsepower. Unfortunately, the car was being worked on at noted tuner/racecar driver Bong Hilario’s H3 Autoworks shop when a tragic incident saw his untimely demise. “The car remained untouched for close to 3 years since Bong passed away and was left without a tuner, until my good friend Ace came forward and offered to help me restore my old Civic.”

“Powerhouse took care of reviving the engine from its almost 3-year slumber.” This entailed a complete rebuild of the B20’s bottom end using new rings. An H3 prepped cylinder head with a port matched Type-R manifold that Bong personally did before was freshened up and reused. “Affordability was a key aspect, I just wanted a bit of oomph for the daily commute and occasional speed bursts.” As such, a Crome ECU Tuned by Powerhouse Race Specialists is used as Pow explains; “CROME (Which stands for Cui’s ROM editor, after John Cui the creator) is a free OBD1 Honda ROM Editor that lets you add features on a regular ECU. I think ECU tuning is a great way to maximize your car as long as it is being tuned right. Improper ECU tuning will do more harm than good to an engine so make sure you know your tuner well. A proper dyno tuning session is still in the works where a conservative estimate would be to achieve around 160 to 170 whp.”

As for the exterior, “There was no specific theme for this car because this was to be used as a daily driver and I just wanted everything functional. I only put things that work and serve my purpose of making it a truly reliable daily driver. The 90’s JACCS Honda Civic Ferio and a bit of Osaka’s Kanjo racer vibe thrown in the mix without being too overbearing are the main influences in terms of style. All the exterior and interior parts were collected throughout the entire time I had the car, I was quite fortunate to get most of them for good prices before all the hype for JDM parts. You’d be surprised at the prices nowadays.”

Rare part? “The rarest parts I have for the car right now might be the Benetton F1 steering wheel which I got brand new from eBay! I also have a set of Feel’s Honda Twin Cam wheel lug nuts, which I failed to install when we were shooting the car; they were a gift from a dear friend from JDMUnderground.ph. The next one would be the Sprint Hart CPF wheel, it took me four years to get a set, and I wasn’t expecting to get a set since they are so old. They’re made in 1993 and most of the sets I see were in the US and Japan so imagine my surprise when I finally got a set and a 4×100 configuration at that. Last part, which I think is rare today, would be my 5Zigen Cannonball muffler. They are hard to find now, before they were all over the place, but not anymore.” But in my opinion, what’s even more rare than all the parts combined here is the dedication and passion of the owner to pay homage to its original builder and continuing to move forward on his journey with his car.


1992 Honda Civic

Pow Anticamara

Engine – B16A Cylinder Head with a B20 Engine Block

Engine Mods – Rebuilt B20 engine block using new pistons and rings, B16A head prepared by H3autoworks, New valve seals, Port matched Civic Type R Intake manifold, Adjustable Cam Gears

Other Stuff – Standard air intake, Integra Type R header, Ninja Performance radiator, Dynamics radiator hoses, Custom stainless piping by Powerhouse Race Specialists, 5Zigen Cannonball muffler, Hasport engine mounts, Engine wire tuck by JC Auto Electrical, New battery, replaced aircon system, Power steering conversion

Engine Mgmt. –  CROME ECU Tuned by Powerhouse Race Specialists

Transmission – 5-Speed Manual

Brakes – JDM EG rear disk brake conversion, Bendix front brake pads

Suspension – Dynamics Fully adjustable coilover suspension, Skunk2 LCA, Dynamics Front and rear camber kit,

Rollers – JDM Sprint Hart CP-F Wheels (15×6.5 +32 offset), Federal 595 RSR Tires (205/50R15), ECW steel lug nuts, Bridgestone limited edition valve stem caps,

Interior – Custom black dashboard and interior, JDM DC2R gauge cluster, JDM EG amber clock, 90’s Momo Benetton steering wheel, D1Spec QR Steering adaptor, JDM EG climate control, JDM EG Honda Access mats, JDM Concave rearview mirror, 1-DIN cup holder, Mugen pedals, K-Tuned shifter, Vertex Shift knob, Circuit Hero shift plate, Gathers speakers, Bride Brix driver seat, Bride Ergo passenger seat, Bride rails, JDM EG8 door sidings, JDM EG8 power window conversion, New Aguila glass windshield, New Honda f/r windshield rubbers, JDM EG9 moon roof conversion, JDM EG9 sun visors, JDM EG9 moon roof visor, JDM EG Center console, JDM EG long armrest, JDM EG9 Ferio 3rd brake light

Exterior – JDM EG9 wing, JDM 5Zigen Japan decals, JDM EG9 SiR DOHC VTEC door decals, JDM EG9 Civic Ferio SiR trunk emblem and badging, JDM EG hatch bumper conversion, JDM EG6 Honda Access yellow foglights, Front Lip, JDM EG9 tailights, EUDM Driver side rear foglight, JDM driver side bumper rear foglight, JDM rear intersection light, JDM DC2 side markers, Denji Gen2 projector headlight with OEM lens, 90’s EGR Rear windshield visor

Kudos to – Bong Hilario of H3autoworks, Red Horse Beer, Ace San Agustin, Bodz Garcia, Noli Par, Leonard Lim, Agot Worx, Powerhouse Race Specialists, Poly Gloss Paints, Dynamics Performance Engineering, JC Auto Electrical, JSM Tire Center, LNB Car Surplus & Carbon, Precision24, Pristine Auto, Team VcZR Manila, JDMUnderground.ph, Rod Zabala, Franklin Lu, PJ Quiaoit, Jay Paulino, Friends & Family, To all who helped revive this streetcar, you know who you are.