C! Report, part 2of3: Nissan’s take on electric vehicles in SEA and the PH

Nissan Leaf to go on sale in seven countries in Asia and Oceania

With Nissan being at the vanguard of vehicle electrification, the Leaf has just been made available in 7 countries across Asia and Oceania. These countries include Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, South Korea, Australia, and New Zealand.

Under the theme “The Future of Mobility – Electrification and Beyond”, the announcement was made at Nissan Futures. The three-day gathering brought industry leaders, government officials, and media from across the southern continents together in Singapore where Nissan laid out its take on the emerging EV market in the region.

Following the survey results mentioned in Part 1 of this report series, it can be reiterated that there is a strong demand for EVs in the region as a whole. Such a demand suggests that there is also a high potential for exponential growth for EVs in South East Asia. This being said, Nissan is working to bring the Leaf, its flagship and icon of Nissan Intelligent Mobility to as many countries as possible.

Despite coming later, but a very exciting bit of information nonetheless, Nissan is exploring the possibility of introducing their zero-emission car in other markets in the region which include Indonesia and the Philippines.

With a suite of advanced technologies highlighting Nissan’s ingenuity, the new Nissan Leaf features increased power and range, and improved refinement, comfort and convenience. The car’s new electric powertrain delivers 110kW of output and 320Nm of torque, improving acceleration and driver enjoyment. This being said, and after we have tested all the Nissan Leaf models since its first iteration, the current model performs 15% better in the 0-100km/h run, and also has around 30% more mid-range punch from the power plant.

“The new Nissan LEAF is the most advanced, yet accessible 100% electric vehicle on the planet,”said Yutaka Sanada, Nissan Regional Senior Vice President. ”This ingenuous car will make you feel more confident, more excited, more connected than any other mainstream electric vehicle. The launch in so many markets shows our commitment to playing a leading role in electrification in this dynamic region, and to delivering the future of mobility to the region now.”