Hamilton Told To Ditch Dog
He may be man’s best friend, but as the old saying goes, ‘You have no friends at 200 mph.’
Lack of Plates Starts New Craze
Despite the initial uproar that claimed it was the Land Transpiration Office’s (LTO) job to provide number plates rather than burdening the private
The CRZ's Split Personalities
While most hybrids today are more attuned in delivering satisfaction towards fuel economy and lessening the impact of carbon to Mother Nature, Ho
New Drunk Driving Law Brings Stiff Fines But There's a Clever Alternative
The approval of Republic Act 10586 or the “Anti-Drunk and Drugged Driving Act of 2013” may have introduced a minimum fine of 20,000 pesos for those caught drinking and driving, but one company has been providing a very clever and affordable option.
New Upgrades May Cause Sparks To Fly
With an enhanced grille and fog lamps, 14 inch, 10 spoke alloy wheels, a new LED mounted spoiler lamp and clear lens tail lamps plus an enhanced interior with new seat trim design and silver accents, Chevrolet may cause sparks to fly––out of the showrooms, that is
The World's Most Precise Burnout?
Lexus Manila will be launching a brand new model on June 11.
Mercedes Win in Monaco Shrouded in Controversy
Yes, Nico Rosberg and his Mercedes F1 team did a brilliant job winning the blue ribbon event of the calendar. But was it legal?
The Filipino Flash
Last April 3, 22-year old Marlon Stockinger made history as the first Filipino to ever be given a proper Formula One test. James Deakin was there to witness the historic event.
Honda to Participate in the FIA F1 World Championship
After their shock withdrawal in 2008, Honda are set to get back in F1.