July 08, 2019 By C! Magazine Staff

UD Trucks launches the Croner

A medium-duty truck with a wide range of configurations

UD Trucks and Prime Quest Transport Solutions, Inc. launched the Croner, an all-new medium-duty truck, to continue its rich Japanese legacy of building “the truck that the world needs today,” specifically for its growing markets in Asia, Africa, Middle East, and South America.

Short for Ultimate Dependability, UD Trucks introduced the Croner as a versatile hauler engineered to deliver extra productivity by understanding its customers’ varying business needs. The company acknowledges customers’ importance for saving time in order to succeed and stay ahead in their respective businesses.

“UD Trucks believes that more time spent on the road and less time in the workshop adds up to the success of our customers’ business. It is our aim for Croner to make every moment count, through maximizing productivity and minimizing downtime on every run our customers make,” said Jacques Michel, Senior Vice President, UD Trucks International Sales.

Croner is named after the god of time in Greek mythology, Chronos, and is designed to excel in the medium duty segment in growing markets with its promise of dependability and minimal downtime.

The UD Croner is offered in two gross vehicle weight (GVW) models in the Philippines: LKE and PKE. Their wheelbase variants offers several basic configurations to fit specific demands in different industries. Air suspension is available as an option for all variants to protect customers’ cargo especially on rougher road conditions.

UD Trucks understands the value of having a reliable truck in the Philippines. The company also knows that time is the most important resource of all. With this in mind, UD Trucks concentrates on customer-focused aftersales support and advanced features results to decrease the number of service turnover.

The Croner is powered the new GHE engine series. Available in 5-liter and 8-liter diesel engines, the new powerhouse promises to deliver high torque from low revs with flat torque curves. UD Trucks claim that the modern engines provide better pulling power and easier driving, improved fuel efficiency, extended maintenance intervals, and longer engine life. All Croner models come with both manual and automatic transmission options. The manual is available in either 6-speed or 9-speed, while the automatic transmission is a 6-speed.

The Croner makes use of the UD Telematics Services to encourage better driving behavior and protection of fuel assets. The truck has fuel utilization reports to demonstrate how the truck and driver are performing and fuel advisory services to improve driving behavior. It also has a fuel loss alert to prevent theft or misuse of fuel, along with a cable-connected fuel follow-up tool.

For more information about the Croner, contact Prime Quest Transport Solutions Inc. (exclusive dealer) at inquiry@primequest.com.ph and +632 4558112/ +632 4267370, or visit their Facebook page  @primequestph.

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