Schick PH launches ‘Move Smooth, Shave Smooth’ 2018 campaign

Schick PH introduces brand ambassador, 2 most popular razors

Schick Philippines recently launched its latest campaign for 2018 – Move Smooth, Shave Smooth – along with the introduction of Smooth Lee, the “Man of Smooth Moves.”
Formally introduced to the public as the ambassador of smoothness, Smooth Lee personifies the man of today – sleek, charming, fun-vibe, active and smart. His smooth moves make it easy for him to overcome challenges as he goes through different adventures facing the Shaving Villains. And with the help of Schick, he continues to spread smoothness one shave at the time.
During the event, Schick also introduced two of its most popular products – the Schick Exacta 2 Sensitive, and Schick Exacta 2 System.
Designed for sensitive skin, the Schick Exacta 2 Sensitive boasts of many features that ordinary razors don’t have such as the Safety Cap that protects you from accidentally cutting yourself from the razor’s blades, a clean push button that easily cleans the blades, and the lubricating strips that have Vitamin E, which protects and moisturizes the skin to prevent razor burns.
For easier handling and maneuvering when shaving, the Exacta 2 Sensitive’s handle has a No Slip Rubber Grip, which prevents nicks and cuts since the handle gives you full control of the razor. And lastly, it has Twin Blades, which make shaving faster and smoother especially if you have stubborn hair.
The Schick Exacta 2 System is an upgrade. It is a reusable razor that also carries the same features as Exacta 2 Sensitive. Its Lubricating Strips are enhanced with Pro Vitamin B and Aloe Vera that moisturizes, protects and soothes the skin as you shave. Plus, the twin blades are attached to a slim pivoting head that follows the contour of your face as you glide the razor giving you a very close and smooth shave. It also has the No Slip Grip and the Clean Push Button that are uniquely found only in Schick razors.
Schick Razors are proud products of Edgewell Personal Care and distributed by Getz Brothers Philippines.