Rolls-Royce presents luxury in future mobility with 103EX

Rolls-Royce 103X to offer autonomous, spacious, luxurious journey

In 2016, Rolls Royce presented the future of true luxury mobility with its Vision Next 100 – codenamed as 103EX – which is a radical vision of effortless, autonomous, connected, spacious, and beautiful luxury mobility, an experience as personal as each individual customer.

“When we revealed 103EX to the world in 2016, Rolls-Royce set the agenda for the future of luxury mobility. Since then it has become clear that other car brands have acknowledged our vision, so much so that they have adopted most aspects, apart from the most visionary and radical.” comments Torsten Müller-Ötvös, Chief Executive Officer, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars. “Rolls-Royce’s vision in 2016 was, and remains, all-electric, completely autonomous, completely bespoke mobility – coupled with ultimate luxury.”

The unrivalled engineering capabilities of the 103EX has the customer’s Personal Vision that will dictate how their Rolls-Royce will look. This luxury brand’s view of future mobility also embraces the customer’s wish for a luxurious and effortless journey.

Its chassis is created from the most advanced materials and powered by zero emissions powertrain. Advanced manufacturing technologies will enable customers to involve themselves even more in the design of the shape, size and silhouette of their personal Rolls-Royce vision, which Rolls-Royce would then manufacture to the customer’s specifications, making every Rolls-Royce a unique bespoke masterpiece.

The future luxury of Rolls-Royce was reflected in the 103EX's clamshell canopy and coach door, which are touted to be the most dramatic aspects of the car. These stylsh features allow the occupants to stand up from the best seat in the house, and descend from the futuristic lounge atmosphere of the cabin of the 103EX clad in the finest silk, wool, and wood.