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News | Wheel2Wheel / 03-14-19

RA 11235 requires larger, readable color-coded plates for motorcycles

Larger motorcycle plates to alleviate two-wheeled-related crimes in PH

By C! Magazine Staff


To alleviate motorcycle-related crimes in the country, President Rodrigo Duterte signed the Motorcycle Crime Prevention Act or the RA 11235, requiring all motorcycles to have larger number plates and identification marks.

The RA 11235 directs the Land Transportation Office (LTO) to implement the new number plate system. The licensing agency should issue a new set of number plates that have to be readable from a distance of at least 15 meters and visible from the front, back, and side of the motorcycle.

The larger number plates should be color-coded according to the region where the motorcycle is registered for easier identification.

Riders without a number plate or a readable number plate will be punished by prision correccional (imprisonment from six months to six years) or a fine ranging from Php 50,000 to Php 100,000.

Among the governing bodies that will implement the RA 11235 and have the power to seize the violators are the Philippine National Police, and the LTO.  Owners may claim their seized motorcycles from the LTO and bring the following: proof of ownership, payment for seized motorcycle, and compliance with a number plate.

If the motorcycle has been used on a crime with a grave felony, the owner, rider, back rider, or passenger linked to the incident shall be punished by reclusion temporal (imprisonment from 12 to 20 years) or reclusion perpetua (imprisonment for 30 years).

If the crime committed is a less grave felony, the alleged will be punished with prision correccional to prision mayor (imprisonment from six years to 12 years).