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Motorsports | News / 10-22-18

Pirelli simplifies tire lineup for 2019 Formula 1 season

Colors reduced to three, but more than three tire compounds

By Paolo de Borja


Over the years, Formula 1 teams have been using a relatively broad collection of colors for its dry compound Pirelli tires. However, changes have been confirmed for the 2019 season.

Pirelli announced that it will only bring three P Zero colors for each race weekend starting next year. Every grand prix will have white, yellow and red – signifying the hard, medium and soft tire options respectively. This does not denote that there will only be three tire compounds available, however.

To fit the different demands and characteristics of each track, the hard, medium and soft tire compounds will continue to vary. For example, a Red soft tire for Monaco will differ considerably from a Red soft tire used for Silverstone or Suzuka. FIA will confirm the specific number of tire compounds in December. This encompasses a wide range of compounds, starting from soft to hard.

The Italian-based tire manufacturer added that it will reveal the exact tire compound choices before each race weekend next season. This new system was brought in with the aim to help casual fans understand the differences between tires. However, it still allows people who look for additional details to know which specific tire compounds available are being used by teams.

While the colors for the dry compound tires have been reduced to three, colors for the Cinturato intermediate tire and full wet tires remain unchanged next year.