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News / 10-08-18

Petron launches High-Temp Protection range

Petron’s High-Temp range protects engines, transmissions, and even brakes

By Mavelle Durian Photos by the author


Getting stuck in heavy traffic does not only cause stress to humans, but on vehicles too. The stop-and-go traffic scenario, extreme heat from the road, and humid environment put the car’s engine at risk. To protect it from premature wear and tear, Petron Corporation launched a new line of fluids and lubricants that have the ability to beat the heat.

Petron’s High Temperature Protection products are made to address the stress of a vehicle when exposed to extreme heat as it is formulated with high quality base oils, the consumers will have a longer change oil time; the HTP adds protection to your car’s engine especially when it is exposed on extreme heat; and it is good for the stop-and-go traffic situation in Metro Manila by making the car engine stable and run smooth at high temperatures.

Discussing the components of the new product line of Petron was former volleyball star Gretchen Ho, who explained the key points of the new lubes.

Petron HTP is developed to also protect the car engine from humid weather, heavy loads, and high speed drives. Unlike other conventional engine oils, the HTP won’t oxidize easily or lose its thickness when the car is used in extreme conditions.

The six types of Petron HTP products are Blaze Racing HTP (fully-synthetic gasoline engine oil), REV-X Turbo HTP (fully-synthetic diesel engine oil), GHTP Gear Oil (fully-synthetic lubricant for manual transmission), ATF Premium HTP (premium-grade fluid for automatic transmission), Brake Fluid HTP DOT 4, and Grease HTP.

During the product launch at Makati Diamond Residences, Petron emphasized that the HTP line was formulated in the oil company’s laboratory in Bataan, making their products 100% Philippine made.