Nissan may reveal a Leaf Nismo Concept at Tokyo Motor Show

First image of Leaf Nismo concept leaked

Weeks before the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show, Nissan has previewed the Nismo concept of the all-electric Leaf, which was said to boast of a sporty styling and a more potent all-electric powertrain.

In a photo released by AutoExpress, the Leaf’s Nismo concept will have a slight difference from its core model. The concept will feature large alloy wheels, a lower ride height, a two-tone black and white paint finish, more aggressive looking front bumpers and side skirts, and sporty red accents adorning its body.

Nissan didn’t reveal more about the Leaf Nismo concept including its powertrain and performance, and they will keep it under the sheets until its debut in the Tokyo Motor Show.

Prior to giving the Leaf a Nismo badge, Nissan has announced its plans to extend its Nismo brand as a part of boosting its sales to the global market.