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News / 03-12-19

Michelin Tires collaborates with Uniqlo for spring, summer collection shirts

Uniqlo includes Michelin Tires in Brand Masterpiece series

By C! Magazine Staff


Just in time for summer, Michelin Tire PLC and Uniqlo Co. Ltd. have collaborated for their Brands Masterpiece series from the Spring and Summer Collection of the UT T-shirt brand.

The Brands Masterpiece series is a brand-collaboration project that uses logos or noted products from some of the world’s most famous companies as motifs. T-shirts featuring the Michelin Man will be sold at Uniqlo stores nationwide and via the Uniqlo Online Store, under license from Michelin Lifestyle Limited.

The Uniqlo shirts with the Michelin Man include men’s and children’s sizes, which are available in stores. Men’s size T-shirts were available last February 25, while the children’s size will be available on March 18. The shirts will have two designs and will be available in blue or gray.

Aside from the Philippines, among the countries and territories that will carry the T-shirts are Japan, China, Korea, Hong Kong, France, Singapore, Russia, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, USA, Australia, Canada, Malaysia, UK, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Sweden, and Holland.