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News / 01-11-19

Mercedes-Benz shows Vision Urbanetic concept at 2019 CES

Vision Urbanetic gives new perspective on autonomous driving

By C! Magazine Staff


Mercedes-Benz recently presented its revolutionary mobility concept at the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas–the Vision Urbanetic, which gives new perspectives on autonomous driving, reduces traffic flow, contributes a new urban quality of life and offers an outlook on future-oriented technologies.
The Vision Urbanetics enables the needs-based, sustainable and efficient transport of people and goods, meeting the needs of cities, companies from a wide range of industries, as well as travelers and commuters in innovative ways.
The visionary concept is based on an autonomously driven, electrically powered chassis, which can carry structures for passenger transport or goods transport. As a fully networked vehicle, the Vision Urbanetic is part of an ecosystem in which commercial and private mobility wishes are transmitted digitally.

Mercedes-Benz Vision Urbanetic on the Las Vegas Strip.

With human’s skepticism on autonomous vehicles, Mercedes-Benz came up with a solution that will focus on people’s freedom, decision-making, authority, and individuality. Aiming to create a balance between people and technology, the three-starred brand emphasized the importance of “informed trust” to the Vision Urbanetics so that people will easily assess the autonomous vehicle’s intentions.
Using various camera and sensor systems, the vehicle fully perceives its surroundings in their entirety and communicates actively with it. Pedestrians who cross the street in front of it are informed by the large-format display in the front of the vehicle through special animations that they perceive. A similar function is fulfilled by the digital shadowing that makes the side door area an active display.
Several hundred light units signal the approaching persons that they recognize as their contours are shown schematically on the outer shell. Pedestrians or cyclists can assess the upcoming actions of the vehicle quickly and reliably.

The Vision Urbanetic’s system has full networking, evaluation of local information and intelligent control, enabling it to analyze current requirements and learn from them. This process can be optimized, shortening waiting times in local passenger traffic or congestion can be avoided.

Mercedes-Benz’s Vision Urbanetic gives transportation an innovative approach to relieve human’s urban life and to grow mobility requirements. Its electric drive delivers zero-local-emissions mobility, making it perfect for city centers that have legal restrictions. To make it less disturbing at night, the Vision Urbanetic has a virtually noiseless electric drive.