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News / 10-12-18

Mazda PH gives sneak peek of Mazda 6, MX-5, CX-9

Mazda Philippines celebrates their cars and the passion of their customers with a night on the beach

By Carl S. Cunanan Photos by by Mazda Press


Mazda Philippines threw an interesting party last night. It was part sneak peek of some incoming models and part get-together for the different avid enthusiasts of the brand. Six different Mazda-associated car clubs were in attendance, prompted and led by an avid enthusiast himself, Press and Customer Relations Manager Mikko David. Each club giving a quick and energetic presentation of what they were about, including members who met, married and gave birth as members.

On the car reveal side, three new models were presented after a quick discussion on Mazda’a plans towards 2030 and their rather unique determination to improve environmental sustainability while also pushing forward the fact that they really want people to enjoy the whole experience more. “Sustainable zoom-zoom”.

The first car presented was the new Mazda 6 sedan. Their flagship model boasts the biggest upgrade so far for the model line, adding more comfort and luxury to the car with details such as reducing tire and road noise that may enter the cabin, using thicker door panels and rear wheel housing and minimising between materials. Engines are in the news as well, with the SkyActiv 2.2L Diesel using improved two-stage turbocharging with variable turbine geometry. The 2.5L Gasoline SkyActiv motor has cylinder deactivation that will be on call to automatically help lower consumption and emissions.

The CX-9 was presented as their flagship crossover/SUV. Again, improvements were made on cabin comfort and noise, upgraded handling and ride quality and connectivity with both AndroidAuto and Apple CarPlay. Signature Series Nappa Leather seats with ventilation will also be available.

Then the real flagship was revealed, at least the one in our hearts. The new and much-awaited up-motored Mazda Miata MX-5. Improved engine performance comes via a horsepower bump that also is inline with the needs for the iconic sportswear to be one with the driver. Power may be up, but it is also more linear and controllable. Maximum Torque is up to 184 lb-ft, Max horsepower to a stated 184ps (up from 160) and the rev limit is now at 7,500 rpm. The car on show was the RF model, the “targa” with the retractable metal roof. It is available in a special new RF Club Edition that will include special BBS wheels and excellent Recaro Seats. The wheels are also available on the soft-top version, but sadly the seats aren’t. All Automatics now have a much-requested reverse camera for A/T models.. And the exhaust sound is even better than before.

It wasn’t all about the cars though. It was an enlightening evening that brought forth the fact that the company remains uniquely positioned in an industry where too much is increasingly similar. Technology and technological daring and innovation are in service to the driver and the drive and the ride, but never in a way that should take what Mazda actually wants to bring you. And they don’t just want to bring you transportation. They want to bring you joy, fulfilment. The feeling you remember when you first saw an RX-7 craving through a canyon or a Miata taking a curve. As Mazda Philippines and CEO Stephen Tan said, they want to be there to help you reach your dream.