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News | Wheel2Wheel / 03-12-19

Maxxis Tires introduces M-6161W motorcycle wheels

M-6161W to deliver better performance on long distance riding

By C! Magazine Staff


Designed for the underbone and moto street bike models, Maxxis Tires brought the latest addition of motorcycle wheels, the M-6161W.

The Maxxis M-6161W assures riders great performance on long rides, better mileage, stability and traction for their safety and convenience.

The M6161W has a directional tread pattern that enhances maneuverability in both dry and wet weather. It has a large contact patch for strong high-speed riding and braking. It also supports enhanced wet grip and cornering traction, tubeless capability and diagonal tread for quick and efficient water dispersion.

“We emphasize the integration of superior performance and safety across all of our products. This is a critical value present throughout the research and process of developing the ultimate tire for our riders. The all-new M-6161W not only boasts of premium quality but also exhibits our commitment to delivering road-ready products that match the need of our customers,” said Maxxis Tires COO Ronald Ang.

The Maxxis M-6161W is available in 60/80 – 17, 70/80 – 17, 80/80 – 17, 90/80 – 17, 27P TL, 45P TL, 41P TL, and 46P TL sizes, and can be found in select motorcycle tire stores nationwide.