The Lexus LC 500: From Concept to Reality

Bold and exciting, Lexus’ new model is a great step in a new direction

What started out as a concept car five years ago during the 2012 North American International Show in Detroit, has now reached our shores. With more strides in originality, craftsmanship, and technology, the LC 500 represents a new image for Lexus, perfectly in line with their tagline: “Experience Amazing”.

Originally shown as the LF-LC concept, much of the exterior design cues remain; Lexus wanted the LC 500 to be as close to the concept as possible, which received high praise for its dynamic lines and visual appeal. Up front is a new interpretation of Lexus’ signature spindle grille, with a redesigned 3D mesh. The wide, low stance of the LC 500 is complemented by extremely thin triple LED headlights and the ever familiar “L-Shaped” LED running lights. With a wheelbase of 2,870mm, the LC 500 features long, dynamic lines that continue to the back of the cope. The aerodynamic shape and sleek roofline help convey the aggressiveness, but with a touch of signature Lexus touches, such as the combination rear taillights. Overall, it’s a passionate car to look at; every detail is well thought out, and looks fast, even when standing still.

The interior is an ode to the world-renowned, detail-obsessed Takumi craftsmanship in its finish. The layout is cockpit and driver-focused, with the controls leaning towards confident inspiring spirited driving. Details such as pedal size, steering wheel position and placement, as well as touches of alcantara in key points are all indicators of luxury and performance. In fact, the seating position of the LC 500 has the driver as close to the vehicle’s center of gravity s possible, creating better feedback to the driver. Multimedia is handled by an all-new Lexus Multimedia package that is displayed on a 10.3-inch touchscreen with a floating TFT heads-up-display (HUD) allowing the driver to focus on the road. A 13-speaker Mark Levinson high-end sound system is standard, as is Lexus’ 4-point Pop-Up Hood System, which is a sensor-activated lifter assembly with four pistons to raise the hood for enhanced pedestrian protection performance.

The beating heart of the LC 500 is a naturally aspirated 5.0-liter V8 engine tuned for high revs. The 32-valve V8’s lashes out with 477 bhp and 389 lb/ft. of torque, and features a dual intake inlet for improved efficiency. The balanced chassis and the linear delivery of the V8 allows more confidence behind the wheel, as well as an aurally pleasing driving experience. Transferring the power to the wheels is a first in a luxury automobile: a 10-speed Aisin developed automatic transmission that features heat-treated, lightweight aluminum gears, and the most compact torque converter ever used on a Lexus model in an effort to help improve efficiency.

The 2017 Lexus LC 500 comes in 11 colors and is priced at PhP 8,888,000.