K-Line expands into PDI services for PH auto industry

K-Line now does pre-delivery inspections for automotive clients

While K-Line may be far more known for their intercontinental shipping services, it seems their Philippine arm is venturing out into new territories.

K-Line Philippines, the domestic affiliate of K-Line (or Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha, Ltd.), has just announced that they have inaugurated the K-Line Auto Logistics Philippines, Inc. (KALP), a company dedicated to handling the major aspects of importing vehicles for local sale. Most car companies have to deal with multiple entities to handle different aspects such as shipping, trucking, customs brokerage, pre-delivery inspections, and other matters. KALP seeks to address that.

“Like a one stop shop, we will handle the shipping, the customs brokerage and clearance, the trucking, the pre-delivery inspection, the storage, and final delivery to dealers,” said Mr. Miguel Larrauri, KALP’s Vice President and General Manager, highlighting the integrated shipping solution that their company now provides to their clients.

The primary facility of KALP is located in Laguna; a strategic move given the proximity to the many car manufacturers and importers in the area. Their facility measures 2 hectares, with a proposed expansion to 4 hectares. Mr. Larrauri says they can presently store at minimum 880 cars at any given time, and have the capacity to conduct pre-delivery inspections for 86 vehicles per day. If need be, KALP can easily expand with another 8-hour shift and double their PDI capacity. By April 2018, they will have the capacity to store 1200 vehicles.

“What we’re offering now to car manufacturers is the convenience of dealing with only one company when it comes to importing and sending cars to dealers,” continued KALP’s General Manager.

KALP will be a key component for K-Line’s business given the remarkable growth of the Philippine auto industry. Over the last five years, the auto industry has set one new sales record after another, and KALP is the company’s response to expand their services to their corporate customers.

Currently, K-Line Auto Logistics Philippines, Inc. is servicing the logistics requirements of Volkswagen Philippines. Mr. Larrauri says they are working on securing contracts for the domestic automobile logistics of Honda, Isuzu, and BMW.

KALP will also expand into building more PDI centers for other major ports of entry for automobiles such as Cebu, Subic, and Batangas.


Executive Editor