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News / 01-11-19

Hyundai reveals technology to assist hearing-impaired drivers

Emphasizing the value of ‘freedom of mobility’

By C! Magazine Staff


Hyundai Motor Group (HMG) unveiled a new technology that aids drivers with impaired hearing.

Hearing-impaired individuals are largely dependent on their sight and touch senses. This technology promotes a safe and comfortable driving experience for them by enabling the automobile assist in interacting with the external environment.

HMG makes use artificial intelligence in evaluating the external sound patterns and integrates two independent driving assist systems that work simultaneously – Audio-Visual Conversion (AVC) and Audio-Tactile Conversion (ATC). It is meant to help hearing-impaired drivers who have an acute, highly developed sense of touch and attuned visual capabilities.

AVC makes it possible to communicate with the external environment through visual representations of the sound patterns. For instance, warning sounds of emergency vehicles can be portrayed as pictograms on the Heads-up Display (HUD). Moreover, the steering wheel is installed with multi-colored LEDs that show navigational information while driving.

With ATC, sound data is transferred into vibrations through the steering wheel. It notifies drivers of information about the external environment, such as the vehicle’s distance from obstacles.

Vehicles nowadays are packed with tons of technology, and HMG’s innovation expands the freedom of mobility to hearing-impaired drivers despite their limitations.