May 17, 2019 By C! Magazine Staff

Hyundai Motor develops air purification system to monitor car air quality

Smart Air Purification System automatically filters, enhance in-car air quality

To enhance and monitor in-car air quality, Hyundai Motor Group developed an intelligent ‘Smart Air Purification System. This new automated monitoring system continually checks interior air quality until it achieves an ‘Excellent’ status.

Aside from advanced filtering innovations, the Smart Air Purification System can also remove fine particulates before passengers enter the car, and purify the air in the cabin on their entire trip. The new air monitoring system, which will be introduced to future models of both Hyundai and Kia, will serve as a solution to growing concerns about the health impact of fine particulates, especially in highly-congested urban areas.

Unlike other in-car purifiers that only operate for a certain period of time, Hyundai’s Smart Air Purification System continuously monitors the in-car air quality and it activates the purification function if the air quality reaches ‘Poor’ or ‘Fair’ level. It will continue its cleaning process until the air quality indicator reaches the ‘Excellent’ level.

Passengers can monitor interior air quality levels via the car’s audio-video navigation (AVN) screen, with a visual 16-bar digital display of air quality that fluctuates in real-time. This is categorized into four levels of air quality set by Korea Environmental Corporation Standards and is based on the presence of the particulate matter in the cabin – Excellent, Good, Fair, Poor.

The new interior purification system is paired with advanced high-performance air filters which enhance the collection rate of fine particulates from 94% to 99%. Moreover, the new filtration system features a charcoal-based deodorization function and can automatically close car windows to assist the purification process.

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