GM acquires LIDAR tech company Strobe, Inc., furthers self-driving technology

The path to self-automation

Just yesterday, General Motors (GM) announced its acquisition of Strobe Inc., the company behind LIDAR technology. The deal brings to fruition the joining of GM’s Cruise Automation team and Strobe’s engineering talent to define and develop next-generation LIDAR solutions for fully-autonomous vehicles.

LIDAR uses light to create high-resolution images that provide a more accurate view of the world than cameras or radar alone. Following the continued evolution of  self-driving technologies, LIDAR’s accuracy will play a critical role in its deployment.

“Strobe’s LIDAR technology will significantly improve the cost and capabilities of our vehicles so that we can more quickly accomplish our mission to deploy driverless vehicles at scale,” said Kyle Vogt, Founder and CEO, Cruise Automation.

“The successful deployment of self-driving vehicles will be highly dependent on the availability of LIDAR sensors,” said Julie Schoenfeld, Founder and CEO, Strobe, Inc. “Strobe’s deep engineering talent and technology backed by numerous patents will play a significant role in helping GM and Cruise bring these vehicles to market sooner than many think.”

Only a month after it was first revealed, and following the penning of the acquisition, Cruise Automation’s, and the world’s  first mass-producible car designed with the redundancy and safety requirements necessary to operate without a driver, will join the testing fleet for what could be the future of autonomous driving.