EV industry execs in ASEAN region gather for workshop in Thailand

 Next-Gen Vehicle workshop aims to prepare ASEAN region in EVs

Representatives of electric vehicle companies in the ASEAN region recently gathered for a Next Generation Vehicles workshop held in Bangkok, Thailand to discuss the latest technology trends in automotive industry.
Conducted by the Ministry of Science and Technology of Thailand, the workshop aimed to provide a platform for discussion on how ASEAN can best prepare for the next generation of vehicles while promoting collaboration among major automotive industry players in the region by sharing the best practices and lessons in automotive technology trends.
Rommel Juan, president of the Electric Vehicle Association of the Philippines, discussed the future of the two-year-old, Manila-born ASEAN Federation of EV Associations with EVA Thailand President Yossapong Laoonual, EVA Malaysia head Tan You Soon, IEVE Korea head Daewan Kim and EVA Singapore President Terrance Siew.
“The best result coming out of this workshop was our agreement to forge deeper technical and non-technical collaborations among nations in the region to promote the latest in EV technology and learn from each other’s best practices”, he said. “We realized we need to work together so we can be best prepared for the coming of the next generation of vehicles such as those powered by low carbon biofuels and electric and hybrid motors. These are the vehicles of the future and we need to be ready to embrace them when they finally set foot in our country,” said Juan.
In line with the workshop, Juan also invited the EV industry representatives to the upcoming Philippine EV Summit on July 10 and 11.
Meanwhile, Singapore will be hosting this year’s ASEAN Electric Vehicle Summit in November.