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News / 02-28-19

Bridgestone PH to intensify presence in Filipinos’ lives this 2019

Bridgestone PH holds dealer conference to discuss past year, future plans

By C! Magazine Staff


Bridgestone Philippines has big things in store this year after holding its 2019 Dealer Conference at Makati Shangri-La last week. Dubbed ‘UN1TE,’ this year’s dealer con focused on making the brand more relatable to Filipino consumers and strengthening its presence in their lives.

To better serve customers, Bridgestone Philippines opened five new dealerships across the country last year with Tire Wizard in Pasig City, BSC Auto Service Center in Laguna, MBBCI Trading in Muntinlupa City, AD Garbes Tire Mall & Auto Service in Olongapo City, and Tabuk Auto Center in Tabuk, Kalinga.

Bridgestone is undoubtedly one of the most recognized authorities in the motoring industry. This was especially evident during its presence at the 2018 Vios Cup, when it supplied the tires of the cup cars across all legs.

The tire manufacturer is also active in groups outside of the industry as it launched the Pink Valve Campaign in partnership with the ICanServe Foundation to raise funds for cancer research.

Having long been a strong advocate for road safety, Bridgestone Philippines aims to further educate Filipino consumers on proper tire maintenance, along with the importance of using quality-made and properly tested tires on their cars. These are commitments the company never fails to stress on during campaigns.

Through Bridgestone’s partnership with C! Magazine on the Road Safety Campaign, the tire manufacturer carried out talks during the yearlong campaign that was able to reach consumers from different institutions and companies.

Filipinos value their hard-earned money, but there are some things that aren’t worth scrimping on. For some car owners or drivers, one habit they’ve grown accustomed to is the fitting of cheap or even second-hand tires on their vehicles. This kind of mindset surely saves a couple of thousand pesos, but the risks that come with it could be drastic.

The significance of being mindful about tire quality and life can’t be stressed enough. It’s also important to be mindful of tires’ four main functions: to provide traction, manage the maintaining and changing of directions of the car, handle braking, and administer acceleration.

Bridgestone prides itself in the amount of research and development it puts tires through before rolling them out for consumers. For instance, it’s important to achieve the right rubber compound in tires for optimum grip as this could affect the car’s handling on wet or slippery roads.

To sell tires is not Bridgestone’s sole purpose in the industry; the brand also identifies itself as an advocate for road safety with the tires they offer to the public. By strengthening its presence in people’s lives and with the unity that persists among its dealers across the Philippines, Bridgestone is confident in carrying out their vision for Filipinos this year.