January 18, 2019 By C! Magazine Staff

BMW unveils updated 7 Series

Slimmer lights, a more pronounced kidney grille

BMW rolled out an updated 7 Series for 2020, and its fascia is gaining tons of attention.

From the front end, the updated 7 Series is now roughly 50 mm taller at its foremost point. The biggest difference in the refreshed 7 Series is the massive BMW kidney grille. The bigger grilles were debuted during the introduction of the X7 a few months ago, but the trend continues for BMW’s executive sedan. It’s curved and rounded from the tip of the hood and extends halfway into the front bumper. The new headlights are also slimmer than old ones and comes standard with adapted LED lights.

Chrome finishes evident on the lower parts of the vehicle such as the lower spoilers on the front fascia, air breathers on the sides, and the rear bumper. Speaking of those air breathers, they’re not just there for aesthetic purposes. They’re meant to reduce turbulence at higher speeds. Finished with a chrome bar on top, the rear lights are at full-width and illuminates fully from one side to the other.  Like the headlights, the lights on the rear are slimmer compared the previous 7 Series by around 35 mm.

Exterior paint selections for the 7 Series include one non-metallic and 12 metallic finishes. Customers, however, have the option to choose from four individual choices and many more special paint finishes.

The 7 Series comes standard with 18-inch light alloy wheels, but options range up to 21-inches in diameter depending on the chosen model variant and accessories range.

Inside, passengers are welcomed with ambient lighting that can be adjusted with six different colors. Side panels are wrapped in soft material and integrated with glossy high-quality wood. As a full-size luxury sedan, significant attention was given on the rear seats of the 7 Series, of course. Rear occupants can be entertained with two 10-inch full-HD displays, which are paired with a Blu-ray player. The systems allow occupants to access the entertainment, navigation, and online functions of the vehicle. Now touchscreen capable, the viewing angle of the screen can be adjusted in accordance with the rear seat occupants’ seat position.

More on the gadgetry of the 7 Series’ rear seats, the updated model includes the latest of version of the BMW Touch Command unit. A removable tablet, the 7-inch device can be used from any seat or even outside the car. Comfort functions such as seat adjustment, interior lighting, climate control, infotainment, navigation, and communication controls accessible with this tablet.

The 7 Series is available with both gasoline and diesel engines using six, eight and 12 cylinders. BMW, however, is also offering a plug-in hybrid drive system. Powertrains across all model variants are mated with an eight-speed Steptronic transmission.

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