May 16, 2019 By C! Magazine Staff Photos by by the author and Autohub Group

Autohub Group inaugurates Painthub Auto Body & Paint

The new facility is capable of servicing 400 to 500 vehicles a month

The Autohub Group has delved into something new as it launched Painthub Auto Body & Paint last night. Painthub is a quality automotive care facility that specializes in body repairs, restoration, and painting. It began as a part of the Autohub Car Care Services (ACCS) in 2006 at Otis.

Painthub takes pride in employing experienced and skilled technicians who are experts in their respective fields. And in order to deliver premium service to industry leaders and customers, the company invested in quality tools and advanced technology.

Through its partnership with AEGI, an automotive technical, training, and development team, Autohub aims to raise the standards in industry practice. They plan to move forward by elevating customer experience and creating bespoke solutions for their customers’ automotive concerns.

“Painthub is another milestone of the Autohub Group as we celebrate our 20th year in the automotive industry,” said Mr. Willy Tee Ten, President of the Autohub Group.

“Partnering with the country’s finest which expertise is in car restoration – AEGI is something that I have envisioned our group would have since I started Autohub Car Care Services (ACCS),” he added.

In addition to AEGI, Autohub partnered with Alex Isip of Alex Restoration who has grown to be one of the more respected figures in the industry since beginning in 1992.

The 6,000 sq. meter compound is located at 37 Elisco Road, Barangay Kalawaan, Pasig City is capable of servicing 400 to 500 vehicles each month. Autohub claims that Painthub’s space is maintained and updated with the best industry protocols.

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