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News / 10-12-18

Audi unveils the future in Singapore

The Audi e-tron makes regional debut

By Eric Tipan


After its global premiere in San Francisco last month, the Audi e-tron – the automaker’s first fully-electric SUV – makes its way to the Lion City as part of the multi-million dollar Audi Brand Experience Singapore 2018.

Even as Audi prepares the sell the e-tron in Singapore sometime mid-2019, testing continues to fine-tune the new-generation electric quattro (all-wheel) drive in the salt flats and savanna of Namibia in southern Africa.

Two electric motors power the drivetrain up to 402 HP and 664 Nm of torque in boost mode and as a sport utility vehicle, it comes with a drive select dynamic handling system that can raise the clearance of the vehicle by 50 mm at the push of a button or lower it by as much as 26 mm.

Audi claims that the new quattro drive responds much faster than the previous quattro layout because it is all electric. Instead of engaging a mechanical clutch, electricity is simply distributed.

Sudden changes in terrain, driving situations and even coefficients of friction are dealt with in just a fraction of a second.

Making all of this possible is the intelligent networking of various control systems. The central suspension control unit, for the first time, is made the hub that handles the controller of the quattro drive and the wheel-selective torque control. If understeer or wheel slip is detected, the integration of the systems allows corrections to be made 50 times faster than before.

The driver can choose between seven profiles in the drive select dynamic handling system to make immediate changes to the drive system characteristic, steering boost, and standard adaptive air suspension with controlled dampers, among many others.

To match its new-generation equipment, Audi positioned the powertrain components and the high-voltage battery lower to the ground and distributed the axle load at a perfectly balanced 50:50 to further enhance handling and drive properties.

As a luxury all-electric SUV, it will come with quality materials and hi-tech cabin amenities like the e-tron route planner, a high-end media center and various driver assist systems.