All-new 2019 Cayenne SUV unveiled at Porsche Museum

More Porsche, More Cayenne

That’s what Porsche proclaimed from the rooftops, well the rooftop of their Stuttgart Museum. It is more Porsche because it is lighter and tighter, with a new lightweight chassis base that required fourteen separate connection technologies to put together the all-aluminum body including the hood, roof, doors and rear hatch. It now has mixed tires, larger in the back than the front, just like the sports cars. Additionally, the Cayenne now allows the buyer to choose the three-chamber adaptive air suspension that has transformed the new Panamera, tuned and adjusted for the wider uses that the SUV might see. It is more Cayenne because it is more versatile and usable than ever in different situation but without lessening the ability to move between the appropriate levels of comfort and utility and sport with ease.

2019 Porsche Cayenne
2019 Porsche Cayenne S

The new Cayenne has increased in length just a bit but has lost weight. It is now available with rear-axle steering, allowing tighter turning circles. With the new Porsche Dynamic Chassis Control (PDCC) roll stabilization, a new 48-volt vehicle electrical system allows shorter response times and increased precision if the driver decides to ask a little more of the car.

It is the premier vehicle for the new Porsche Surface Coated Brake with tungsten-carbide layer, which increase friction values while also reducing wear and brake dust.

The new Cayenne is launched to the world in two variants, the Cayenne with a three liter six-cylinder turbocharged engine that produces 340hp and 450Nm of torque is the base car. The Cayenne S goes, get this, smaller. Porsche puts a new 2.9 liter twin-turbo V6 that makes 440hp and 550Nm. A new eight-speed Tiptronic S Transmission helps with shorter response times and gear ratios that allow a bit more of a smile to come out while still having long gearing at the top for more efficient cruising at speed. And speaking of cruising at speed, the Porsche Advanced Cockpit and display system that we enjoyed as much as possible in the new Panamera has a place in the SUV as well, with the customizable instrument cluster/information screen as well as a higher resolution center touchscreen. The system is intelligent, allowing the driver to do things like say “I’m cold” if he wants the heat turned on, all with a normal speaking voice.

As much as the Cayenne has become more capable as an SUV, this third generation is also determined to become even more true to the Porsche heritage whether on track or off road. On hand for the Global Launch were several of the legendary Porsche rally and raid cars, making very clear to all just where this big SUV can trace its roots.

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