2018 Suzuki Swift Sport unveiled at Frankfurt show

A more aggressive and sportier approach

The Suzuki Swift Sport, now on its third-generation, features an athletic build that is achieved by a lower and wider stance armed with a torque-to-weight that propels the Swift Sport to the hot hatch territory. “We know that our customers value a dynamic driving experience above everything else,” says Swift Sport chief engineer Masao Kobori, “so we’ve made the new Swift Sport lighter, faster and more stimulating in every way.”

With a 1.4 BoosterJet engine producing 170 lb ft of torque, and a total curb weight that is 80kg less than its predecessor, the lighter and quicker Swift Sport has evolved into a genuine hot hatch that makes exhilarating sports driving a reality. Because of its torque at the low rev range and small displacement: the Suzuki Swift Sport is fuel-efficient without compromising on fun driving.

To keep the experience involving, it utilizes a 6-Speed manual transmission used in the previous Swift Sport, which means it inherits the same short stroke and nimble shifting that previous owners love. For the front suspension, it uses the Monroe front shock absorbers, which have a reputation for high performance, while the rear uses a trailing arm suspension. All in all, the suspension system achieves an increase in chamber and torsional rigidity.

The new Swift Sport creates an immersive driving environment that starts with red interior accents and a driver-oriented instrument panel that immediately stirs the driver’s imagination. The main gauges pop with contrasting colors, and new boost and oil temperature gauges enhance the sports driving experience. Precision-crafted, high-quality textures and materials are used throughout the cockpit, including in the Swift Sport’s semi-bucket shape front seats that let the driver and passenger share the sports driving sensation.

It maybe all about the drive, but Suzuki hasn’t let go of the ball when it comes to safety. In fact, the Swift Sport has been matched with significant safety features that include advance forward detection, dual sensor brake support (DSBS), departure warning, and other key technologies that make the Swift Sport actively and passively safe.