February 28, 2017 By C! Magazine Staff

Yamaha MT-10 Tourer Edition

The ideal ride for an adventure

The overwhelming influence of the Dark Side of Japan continues to grow as the new MT-10 Tourer Edition arrives to give new life and deliver an extraordinary driving experience to the world of two wheels, simultaneously managing to capture the essence of motorcycling.

As a spearhead of the Hyper Naked family, the MT-10 delivers an exclusive guide and loads of excitement due to its high torque and a dominant aspect that doesn’t go unnoticed, thanks to the brand’s title of being the high-powered naked market leader.

The natural ergonomic relationship makes the MT-10 a versatile roadster, which excels in different road situations, allowing you to make different riding positions.

The new MT-10 Tourer Edition is now equipped with a full, flat torque in highly responsive handling, and a sophisticated technology for electronic management that make this Hyper Naked an ideal platform for any variant. Ready to open its doors to a wider audience, the newcomer is now equipped with a series of components that enhance the comfort, increase functionality, and enhance practicality.


Its high windshield with hand guards, allows you to make journeys longer and more difficult conditions. The soft side bags, made of ABS material, increase the functionality of this means universal, while support for GPS is designed to support different types of devices such as the satellite navigation system TomTom Rider.


Derived from the YZF-R1, the engine has been designed and developed to obtain a full, flat torque.

The heart of the MT-10 button is a direct evolution of the last four-cylinder, 998 cc frontemarcia “CP4” Crossplane, engine that has earned the title of one of the most technologically advanced and exciting category.

To better adapt to the requirements of the category Hyper Naked, the engine has been subjected to a series of significant interventions, designed to obtain a more consistent torque at low and medium engine speeds. Another important feature is the special design of the suction duct and exhaust and a new crankshaft.

Yamaha also enhanced the feeling of direct connection between the throttle and the rear wheel, a typical architecture characteristic Crossplane.

The Traction Control System (TCS) allows the riders to maintain traction on different surfaces and analyzes the behavior of the rear wheel, making the MT-10 Tourer Edition an ideal choice for those who enjoy thea more adventurous and long trips.

The MT-10 is also equipped with a Quick Shifter System (QSS) which allows the rider to change gears (climbing) without using the clutch, maintaining the gas wide open, thereby offering faster acceleration.

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