Volkswagen PH to hold road safety seminar for kids

Volkswagen Philippines will hold its advanced Child Safety Initiative (CSI) campaign at the atrium of Robinson’s Magnolia on May 20.

Launched at the Manila International Auto Show in 2015, the CSI is Volkswagen’s road safety advocacy for children. The campaign aims to increase awareness and impart valuable lessons to prepare kids, as well as their parents, to become responsible road users.

The CSI campaign has had a total of 7,917 children and 5,955 parents/guardians from 37 participating venues in Luzon and Visayas.

Aside from the Junior Driving Course that features a miniature simulated roadway within a community – consisting of road signage, traffic lights, and Volkswagen push cars for kids four to eight years old – and samples of child seats on display at the Child Seat Corner, the CSI now has the new Steps to Safety module for children ages nine to 12 years old.

Designed primarily for older children and those who have “graduated” from the Junior Driving Course, the Steps to Safety module focuses on pedestrian safety and begins with a 15-minute seminar conducted by executive officers of CSI partner Philippine Global Road Safety Partnership (PGRSP). The seminar includes practical guide for real-life and on-street scenarios such as instructions to walk “facing the traffic” and in “single file” whenever there are no pedestrian sidewalks, among others.

The practical application of the module will be conducted via virtual reality (VR) game app – exclusively developed for Volkswagen Philippines by Haraya — through the use of Samsung Gear VR and Samsung mobile phones.

The Steps to Safety module and the VR app entice older children to become part of the growing number of youngsters who are more aware and responsible road users, and also serve as another stage to take for the thousands who graduated from the Junior Driving course.

Volkswagen Philippines’ advanced CSI campaign is in line with the German automaker’s global CSI strategy geared towards upholding the two pillars of road safety: preventing road mishaps by educating parents and kids about possible dangers on the roads; and promoting the safety features of Volkswagen vehicles by using child seats together with the factory-standard safety systems like airbags, active collision and the ISOFIX child seat system.