Volkswagen Golf Up! GTI

The new coming of the the VW Golf

After the debut of the first Golf GTI in 1970s, Volkswagen now presents a compact, sporty car that reincarnates the original GTI.

The new Up! GTI continues the creed of the lightweight and no-frills sports car with a compact format, and is driven by a turbocharged engine (TSi) with an amazing 230 Nm of torque. It has a weight of 997 kg due to significantly high-strength steels and more airbags, has a maximum speed of 197 km/hr, and can go from zero to 100 km/hr in 8.8 seconds.

However, the latest Up! GTI is immediately recognizable with its typical GTI insignia. The front exterior has red stripes across the radiator grille with honeycomb pattern, and the GTI logo above it. The Up! also cited the archetypal GTI with features such as the double stripes across the wide side sill panels.

The exterior mirror caps are in high-gloss black; the 17-inch alloy wheels have also been completely redesigned. They have a particularly dashing look in the wheel housings because the up! GTI features sports running gear, lowering the body by 15 mm.

GTI features also characterize the rear, such as a red strip as well as a larger roof edge spoiler that provides greater downforce on the rear axle for optimized handling performance at higher speeds. The interior includes features such as a leather-trimmed sport steering wheel, a GTI gear knob and the legendary “clark” seat pattern. The fact is: this GTI does not just look like one – it also drives like one. A new original.

The Up! GTI is available in Mars Red and Diamond Silver colors. Meanwhile, the established GTI colors black and white will soon be available on the market.