Touge Battle 2017, Round 3 Results

Perez father-and-son tandem tops Touge Battle

Round 3 of Touge Battle saw 30 participants of different experience levels and vehicle choice compete against each other for round 3 supremacy at the Batangas Racing Circuit.

In the Economy class, the rivalry between two of the more experienced drivers, Daniel “Elpaks” Leonardo and Mars Delos Reyes was the battle to watch. Leonardo stayed ahead in their battles enough to take the win. Delos Reyes came in a close second with Bryan Bautista in third position.

Regular Class defending Champion Michael Pasumbal ran into bad luck as his car ran into technical problems and failed to compete after qualifying as the fastest. With Pasumbal out of competition, Newbie driver Eliel Alonzo, blazed thorough the competition to take the victory, followed closely by fellow newbies Wenier Buenaventura in second and Paul Ligutan in third position.





Moving on to the Premium class, John Carbonel remained untouchable in his Honda CRX. Adrian Alfonso showed a more motivated drive that gave him second place while the always improving Adrian Millares grabbed third place in their class.

Though only two 5.0 ponies showed up for the prestige class, Antonio Lombardo and Chris Ignacio went all out as they raced each other for the top spot, motivating each other to go faster and faster every battle.

As the smoke cleared, the green hulk of Lombardo won the most number of times giving him the win with Ignacio hot on his heels in second place.

The Legendary Mr. Hernel Castillo once again kept his crown in the Turbo class, leaving all challengers in his rear view mirror.

Chad Alviar, thanks to his clean and consistent drive, took home second place while Conti got third after receiving time penalties for repositioning the cones in the slalom section.





The Race 3 class was a battle between two friends and two ford Fiestas. Their first round had a time difference of only .01 second resulting in a tie. Cesar Pelayo then increased his pace to keep his friend and rival E.J. Palomique behind far enough to take the victory.

Race 2 class showed the older of the Perez father-and-son combination absolutely dominate the field. Felix Perez consistently ran at least 4 seconds faster than anyone in his class to take an undisputed victory in his class. Round 2 winner Ryan Ablang came in second while 19 year old newbie driver Ken De Dios came in third position.

Race open class was an exciting battle between the two-time champion Paul Perez and challenger Sonny De Torres.





In their first finals match, Perez was able to take a 2-second lead and strike first. De Torres then would find extra pace in battle to even it up. De Torres remained consistent in time from his second run but Perez once again was able to increase his pace to win in the deciding battle. Harold Go came in third place.

Paul Perez once again regained fastest lap honors after his father took over in his absence from the second round, while Sonny De Torres showed the most impressive drive and determination to gain the coveted Touge King title. Top 3 Newbies were Eliel Alonzo, Chad Alviar and Wenier Buenaventura.

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