April 07, 2017 By C! Magazine Staff

Shell PH launches new engine oil to protect high mileage vehicle

Rejoice, all ye dated car owners!

As time passes, the needs of a vehicle’s engine changes. Vehicles that have a mileage of more than 100,000 kilometers need extra care to prolong the life of their engine.

To further maintain the engines of old vehicles in tip-top shape, Shell developed an engine oil that utilizes synthetic technology that is specially formulated to protect high mileage vehicles, the new Shell Helix High Mileage. It provides up to 40% better wear protection, helps prevent sludge, and other damaging deposits to keep the vehicle’s performance at a peak. Shell Helix Mileage also helps to prevent leaks and reduces oil burn-off for less top-up.

Shell Helix High Mileage’s flexi-molecule technology promotes clean and efficient transport, and constantly adapts to boost protection when your engine needs it most, especially during situations when your engine experiences intense heat and pressure.

“We at Shell understand that every customer’s journey is different, so we come up with products that cater to their changing needs,” said Dennis Javier, Shell Lubricants general manager.

To suit every drivers’ need, Shell has two variants for Shell Helix Mileage, the Shell Helix High Mileage 10W-40, which is designed for gasoline engines, and the Shell Helix High Mileage 15W-50 for light-duty diesel engines, and has a thicker formulation.

“The development of Shell Helix High Mileage is meant to help customers with older vehicles to prolong the life of their vehicle, so that they can enjoy more memories with their trusted partner through years,” Javier added.


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