McLaren 570S Spider

McLaren adds 570S Spider to Sporting Series

McLaren will unveil the 570S Spider, the third body style in McLaren’s Sports Series that will go alongside the 570S Coupe and 570 GT, at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in UK on June 29 to July 2.

The new McLaren 570S Spider has a combination of lightweight carbon fiber construction and an incredibly potent 3.8-liter, twin-turbocharged V8 engine, making the sports car more powerful and lighter than comparable convertibles, with an impressive power-to-weight ratio of 413hp-per-tonne (lightest dry weight).

Positioned behind the driver, the twin-turbocharged McLaren M838TE engine produces 562hp (570PS) at 7,500rpm and a torque of 443 lb ft (600Nm) between 5,000rpm and 6,500rpm.

The combination of a rapid yet smooth seven-speed seamless-shift gearbox that features a Launch Control technology results in a luxury sports convertible with supercar acceleration from standstill to 60mph (100km/h) in 3.1 seconds and to 124mph (200km/h) in just 9.6 seconds.

Compared to the Coupe, the 570S Spider adds a neatly integrated, retractable hardtop that when lowered delivers an even more immersive and exhilarating driving experience. The two-piece roof – which is engineered using technology proven in the McLaren 650S and 675LT Spider models – is constructed of lightweight composite panels and creates a purposeful, sleek appearance whether raised or lowered.

The 570S Spider has top speed of 328 km/h, which is identical to the 570S Coupe, and can reach a speed of 315 km/h when the roof is lowered. To complement its extreme performance, the 570S Spider has a stop-start system that contributes to overall efficiency.

The retractable hardtop of 570S Spider is designed to withstand the severest conditions and is significantly more resistant to weather and fading than fabric, yet with its operating mechanism adds just 101lbs to the weight of the Spider; this is the only variance in weight between the new convertible and the 570S Coupe.

Its breath-taking body design is enhanced by a rear spoiler, finished in Dark Palladium grey (a visible carbon fiber finish is available at additional cost via McLaren Special Operations) and is 0.5 inches taller than the rear spoiler of the 570S Coupe to provide an additional downforce to offset the aerodynamic changes that ensures exceptional aerodynamic balance overall that is the equal of the Coupe.

Three new exterior colors celebrate the Spider’s introduction: Curacao Blue, Vega Blue and Sicilian Yellow. The new hues dramatically showcase the complex forms of the aluminum bodywork and unique-in-class dihedral doors, particularly when combined for added visual impact with an optional Dark Palladium grey contrast finish on the roof, windscreen pillars and rear buttresses.