C! Magazine kicks-off 2017 Road Safety Campaign

The first leg of the Road Show has commenced

With the safety of both motorists, passengers, and pedestrians in mind, C! Magazine on Wednesday kicked off its 2017 Road Safety Campaign at SMX Convention Center, SM Aura Premiere in BGC, Taguig.

C!Magazine’s President, Kevin Limjoco, opened the first of many Road Shows for the Campaign

Due to the high number of road accidents in the country, the pioneer automotive magazine tapped Uber Philippines to educate its 140 drivers on proper driving skills, appropriate car maintenance and first aid management, while giving Uber drivers refresher on the traffic laws, rules and regulations.

Present in the road safety seminar were Pong Tee of Tuason Racing School, Ralph Teeten and Steven Tagle of Bridgestone, Cheska Garcia and Mike Potenciano from Petron Corporation, Lifeline Ambulance Service’s Paul Violetta and Miguel “Mhigz” Panal of Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA).

Tee, who served as the first speaker, debunked all the driving myths that Uber drivers have brought up since they learned how to drive. He also gave tips on how a driver can properly drive at night.

During his discussion, some Uber drivers also shared a few driving tips for their fellow drivers.

Bridgestone’s Tagle talked about the importance of proper tire maintenance and gave ways on how to properly check the tires of a car — right pressure, amount of air, and when to replace them.

Tagle also emphasized the importance of tire maintenance in road safety. “It is important to change and check your tires regularly to avoid road accidents and other unnecessary incidents on your cars,” Tagle said.

Petron Corp. representative Mike Potenciano discussed the importance of fuel and lubes in road safety. He also shared some ways on how Uber drivers can save their fuel, while adding some information on hydroplaning, and applying proper tire pressure and air when racing.

Meanwhile, Academy Manager Paul Violetta of Lifeline Ambulance Service taught the drivers how to conduct a first aid on themselves and on their passengers following a road accident. Violetta also corrected many myths Filipinos do in treating the wounds and fractures.

Uber drivers became alive as the chief inspector of MMDA took the floor. Chief Inspector Miguel “Mhigz” Panal refreshed their knowledge on traffic rules and regulations, such as road signages, meaning of road lines and the importance of keeping the intersection open.

In addition, Panal also elaborated the scope and prohibition of traffic laws implemented such as the RA 10586 or the Anti-Drunk and Drugged Driving Act, and RA 10913 or the Anti-Distracted Driving Act, which takes effect Thursday (May 18).

“WHO says motorcycle riders have the highest number of accident rates in the Philippines, which is 53%. It is important to follow traffic rules and regulations for us to avoid road accidents or road collisions, especially on road intersections,” said Panal.

Moreover, the MMDA chief inspector elaborated the rights of every driver and taught them the general formula of defensive driving.

At the end of the program, C! Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief Carl Cunanan expressed his gratitude to everyone who participated in the C! Road Safety Campaign.

“The reason why we do this is because we’ve all been driving easily, which is not very well done. We have to learn all these things, and we all have kids now that will drive, they’re going to take Uber, and they’re going to do all these things,” said Cunanan.

“This is just one program we’re doing. Just to make things clear, we are a fully-Filipino organization. Everything’s made here, everything’s produced here, everything’s driven here. And I think the Philippines is a producer of programs that will go out to the world. In this case, the Philippines is a perfect example for widening Uber,” the EIC added.

Uber driver Marlon Medina said that he became well-informed how to become a responsible driver. “C! Magazine’s Road Safety Campaign, made me realize all my wrong doings on the road, and promised myself that I won’t do those things again.”

The C! Magazine Road Safety Campaign is presented by Petron Corporation, Bridgestone Tires, and Yokohama Tires, in collaboration with MMDA, Land Transportation Office, Tuason Racing School, and Lifeline Ambulance Service.
The 2017 Road Safety Campaign also has Philippine Star, Wheels, and Ride and Drive Philippines as media partners. Other backers include Jergens, Lighthouse Marina Hotel, Goody, Mont Albo, Human Nature, Tamiya, Inc., Modarri, Lego, and Bo’s Coffee.

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