Hyundai on the Horizon

The Santa Fe in Sight

The future is upon us, as Hyundai Motors releases their first images of the 2018 Santa Fe.

As the first looks come out, we see that Hyundai continues to make the Santa Fe the image you don’t want to forget, as the new Santa Fe comes out even stronger than before. And it comes with all the power and protection you would expect at this level of Hyundai automobile technology.

The Santa Fe is Hyundai’s largest passenger car (short of their Starex van). It carries the brand’s strong SUV tradition, and the fourth-generation Santa Fe looks to continue that international success story by fielding a powerful, premium-designed SUV with roominess that defines the class.

The appearance of the Santa Fe shows a combination of modern elegance: The twin headlights flank the signature Cascading Grille, a Hyundai SUV hallmark. The vehicle has a wide stance and a bold look, with a length coming in at 4,770 mm and a width of 1,890mm. Add those dimensions to a longer wheelbase, and you are talking a greater base of comfort for the passengers within.

Those passengers will be well-protected, too: the Hyundai safety package includes features that rank it best-in-class. Their SmartSense technology lets Hyindai offer some of the best active safety, including Rear Cross-Traffic Collision Avoidance Assist, a Hyundai first. When you are reversing out of low-visibility areas, the Assist not only warns the driver of a side approach from another vehicle, it will actually apply the brakes automatically. And the Safety Exit Assist prevents accidents when vehicles approach from behind by temporarily locking the doors, so that passengers will not unknowingly exit into a potential upcoming impact – a useful feature not only for any family with children, but for anyone who has been momentarily distracted at the wrong time.