BMW’s M4 DTM Does More With Less

Sometimes instead of more push, you just need less pull.

Race preparations for the 2018 DTM season are in motion, as the season begins on May 5th. It’s all hands on deck as the process kicks in.

How did you spend your winter break? The BMW engineers spent theirs reworking their M4 DTM, and while that may not sound like all marshmallows and chocolate, the results are surprisingly heartwarming.

The downforce has been reduced by one third. This puts even more focus on the driver, and their control of the vehicle. To accomplish this, much was done. Or rather, much was undone.

The side channel of the M4 DTM has been simplified. The side plate below the doors is entirely gone. (BMW was working towards the philosophy of “less is more” and they really seem to have taken it to heart.)

Each side of the front of the car will now bear only one “aero flick” and that will be smaller than the ones previously used.  To match that, the front skirt of the car was also adjusted. Although the rear geometry of the vehicle is essentially the same, there were some simplifications.

It's worth noting that the V8 engine remains untouched. However, there were some adjustments made to the drive. Also some oil use changes were made, in collaboration with Premium Partner Technology Shell.

Under the hood, there were a few more modifications. The third element of the front axle has been dropped, so there are only four conventional side springs, one per wheel. The BMW M4 DTM will now move more under braking in 2018. In combination with the aero adjustments, this means that there will now be much more focus on the drivers’ vehicle control. To be honest, I doubt any BMW drivers are complaining. In fact, BMW DTM driver Bruno Spengler said “I’m excited to take to the track in the 2018 version of the BMW M4 DTM,” said “The less downforce a racing car has, the more challenging it is to drive it at the limit. It will be exciting for the engineers to find the perfect set-up. The mechanical grip of the car will be more important than ever.”