The all-new 2017 Italian Wasp - the Vespa Primavera

Vespa, which means wasp in Italian, is for those who wish to never go out of style, as it’s been in production since 1946.  It’s been around for 71 years and is here to stay.  Riding a Vespa is more of a life-style type of city scooter, especially to beat city traffic.

Vespa is “Not for Everyone” as stated in its new slogan but it definitely rocks my world and puts me in my element, while I zip and blast around town. When I left the Moto Italia showroom in Greenhills on my new Vespa Primavera, in the end of May 2017, I immediately felt how smooth and solid the Primavera was.   I used to drive a Vespa LX 150 ie for 5 years and I loved it but I just could not resist upgrading to the all-new 2017 Vespa  Primavera because of the following features:

1.  A new sharper looking, symmetrical body style

2.  Beautifully colored tapered saddle

3.  Improved designed mirrors          

4.  A more visible elegant blue illuminated digital (plus analog) instrumentation with 3 modes and a mode switch           

5. A more powerful and efficient 3-valve engine at 154.8 cc’s .  It indicates 150cc but its actually a 155cc

6.  Bigger 12” front and rear wheels  (compared to the LX 150 ie's  10” rear and 11” front) which adds to its smoother ride and stability

7. Sportier- style mag wheels

8.  Improved suspension        

9.  A USB charger in the glove compartment

10. Electronic speedometer sensor (as opposed to the old school cable type speedometer)

11. A larger fuel tank of 9 liters (the LX was 8 liters)

12.  A convenient electronic seat switch under the key ignition

13.  A longer wheelbase for improved stability

14.  A stronger more efficient double piston front disc brake caliper with ABS  (as opposed to the old single piston caliper without ABS)

15.  An additional high beam pass / flash switch

16.  A new quieter starter motor

17.  A barometric sensor - so that combustion is always optimized

18.  A new gearbox cover design

19. A new exhaust system - for a quieter and rounder pleasant tone

20.  New lights with LED running lights

21.  The all-new i-Get engine

I noticed that after about 70 kms of riding around over a few days, that the Primavera would accelerate quickly to 80 km/h like the older Vespa  LX 150 ie would.   The LX150ie, though, would slowly accelerate to 100 km/h  while the Primavera would have a surge in power up to 100  kph.  With the LX150ie I had to install racing brake pads to increase its braking power,  but with the Primavera  the brakes, the stopping power progressively increased as the brake pads bedded in.  The Primavera has stronger brakes than the LX 150 ie due to its double piston brake calipers.

 Wow! That’s a lot of bang for the buck! Man, you can really feel the big difference in the ride quality! The ride is super smooth, quiet, and vibration free with better handling and cornering stability.

The first Primavera was released in 1967, then again in 1976 and now it's back in 2016 and 2017. It has a record of success because of its performance, agile handling, powerful engine and elegant classic Vespa design.

To be able to truly appreciate this beautiful machine, you need to understand the new i-Get engine with its maximum quality and reliability features. Every aspect of the engine's design process was targeted at increasing the efficiency of all components to maximize performance, minimize fuel consumption, and minimize polluting emissions and sound emissions as well.

The new peppy, spirited engine is a modern single cylinder 4-stroke 150 cc (154.8cc to be exact) with electronic fuel injection, 3-valve timing.  The automatic Constant Variable Transmission (CVT) includes a torque server with more friction resistant materials that leads to a 24% increase in rotational inertia efficiency for speed and all details from the exhaust to the internal design of the gearbox cover, has been designed to make the ride smoother, quieter, more fuel-efficient and more comfortable. The injection system has been optimized and improved in terms of efficiency; the ECU now has a barometric sensor that guarantees optimum combustion every time in any condition of use and at any altitude. This means that the power and torque remains constant and reliable either in the city, in the mountains, high or low altitude and different weather conditions.  It has maximum horsepower of 12.9 and maximum Torque 12.8 at a low fuel consumption of 40.3 km/l.

I’m sure glad I got the new Primavera as my daily commuter, sure puts a smile on my face because of the increase in overall performance and styling! So what are you waiting for? Go get one! You’re going to love it!