September 2017 C! Issue 190 Vol. 15

Interesting the cars we have on this issue.

On our cover is a one-liter three cylinder car. The Audi Q2 has an engine that was usually meant for econoboxes with all the negatives that that entailed. Even more recent sub-one triples have been found wanting, in their hunt for publicizable numbers that made the drive itself a chore. Getting the whole package together pays, the new Audi is surprisingly smooth. It makes you want it because it shows how good the small-sized future can be.

Elsewhere, we have other dedications to direction. We send some people back to school to learn how to drive, and back to nature to remind ourselves what’s at stake if we get things wrong. We see how Honda has made the game-changing Mobilio even more desirable, and we see what Mazda has tried to do with their CX-5. On the much more fun side, we take apart a couple of pretty purist racecar rides: a Lotus Elise and a 911 991 GT3. These last two both approach roadworthiness in different ways. Porsche takes a road car and makes it insane, though admittedly they kind of have “racecar” in mind from the very beginning. They are, after all, the most prolific racecar manufacturer on the planet. Then you have Lotus, which was racetrack-only for a very long time. They kind of make racecars roadworthy if you squint hard enough. The end result of both is a vehicle you can drive on the road, arguably everyday, if you relinquish things most people consider comfortable. Not that this should dissuade you at all. We love both of them. 

If you want that taste of road and track usability, go get yourself a Miata. The Miata Club of the Philippines this August celebrates its 20th Anniversary, and that little roadster is arguably what allowed the other to actually continue existence. In this same month, Mazda announced a special parts and service restoration program for that first MX-5, the soft-top NA. 

Also, here we give you the gang’s choices for the best vehicles around. The winners of the C! Awards are here, in a new format as chosen by our excitable set of editors and writers. We expect much discussion about all this. And we look forward to it.


Editor-In-Chief / Managing Director