April 2017 C! Issue 185 Vol. 15

This month we are scrambling on all corners. You may not think it with one of the world’s most coveted supercars on the cover but we are all about all wheel, or four wheel, or 4×4. If you’re confused, you aren’t alone. Nics Calanoc has been working on explaining things that we often take for granted, check him out further into this issue.

The ability to put power to all corners as needed is no longer just for getting down and dirty. The new Lamborghini Aventador S we tested in Spain in dry, wet, and snowy uses the ability to put the power down everywhere to help you keep the shiny side up. It uses systems sophisticated enough to allow you to choose whether you want to swing your rear out or use your front to pull you through a corner. Elsewhere in the magazine we look at some off-the-shelf or out-of-the-showroom trucks go at and into sand dunes and sandy beaches. Then we get serious and talk about how to go off-roading and we feature a few of our friends’ toys. We even get out into the wider world on two with an adventure bike from Royal Enfield and a special feature with our friends in orange from KTM.

The world is more sophisticated. What we used to use for work, all wheel drive and pickup trucks and Land Rovers and Land Cruisers and the like, we are now able to use for our daily drive as well as our weekend war. We aren’t pummeled into mush because of suspensions that aren’t meant for anything other than cattle, we have all the creature comforts we need. This allows us, in the case of the vehicles like the Toyota FJs, to go from schoolday run to Pinatubo assaults from one day to the next. In the case of our voluptuous cover car, it means having a raging bull of a supercar that doesn’t destroy you before you get to the racetrack or the open road. All these vehicles had to have tunnel vision in years past in order to handle the really serious stuff. Nowadays they are versatile and capable in a much wider way. But they are in no way any less capable of the specific and sometimes crazy tasks for which they were dreamt up to do. Our cars and trucks and motorcycles have grown up and gotten wiser and safer and more capable. Which, happily enough, makes it easier to just go out and play when we feel like it.

Editor-In-Chief / Managing Director