C! Tech Tip: Using the iPad equivalent of OTG cables

Our first tip straight from the C! Tech field lab, here’s how to use those finicky iPad equivalents of On The Go (OTG) USB adapters, those appendages that work on Androids but seemingly not on Apples:

  1. Instead of plugging in thumb drives, card readers or even the hail-mary of an external hard drive, jack in a standard to mini-USB cable (that’s a mini, not the more common micro-USB jack now standard for mobile handsets at the other end.).
  2. Plug the mini-USB end into your digital camera, then power up the point-and-shoot or DSLR and put it in file view mode (hit that > arrow shortcut if you like).
  3. Run the Photos app on your iPad and wait until that all-important “import” icon appears at the bottom.  If it doesn’t, make sure that the camera is on and in view mode then pull out the mini-USB jack and push it in again.  Wait a few seconds after each try … the “import” button will eventually appear. 

Presto! You can now select and import images or videos straight from your camera, render these using free image editing software like PixlrExpress, and post straight onto social media, even straight onto YouTube if you have the notion.  That’s what I do when out on assignment. 

This should work on iPads 1, 2 and 3 running iOS 6 and higher.  But where to get those 30-pin to standard female USB socket adapters that vendors have been taking off their inventories, that’s how many returns they’ve been suffering, that there is another challenge.