Coulthard – uneasiness "brilliant for Formula 1."


Despite the closeness Hamilton and Rosberg may have enjoyed early in their careers as karters, ex-Formula 1 driver turned pundit David Coulthard says "In the end, however, your team-mate is not your buddy” on the obvious tension between the two Mercedes drivers.

He elaborates; "I had a few occasions when I was team-mates with Mika Häkkinen at McLaren when he would not talk to me. He felt that I was spoiling his party by winning a few races,"

"You can talk as much as you want about them growing up as friends, but you have to outperform one man. No matter how long you have known them, you only find out who they are and what they are really like when the light is shining brightest."

Currently, Rosberg leads the championship by 4 points at 122 with more than half the season to go