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Features / 09-14-18

Stand Out in a Crowd

5 things that make the 2018 Honda HR-V RS top in its class

By Paolo de Borja


We got to drive the new 2018 Honda HR-V RS at the track a few weeks ago before its launch last August. Taking the longer yet scenic route going to Tagaytay, we got to feel how the new HR-V RS drives in the open provincial roads of Cavite and the iconic winding roads of Talisay, Batangas.

Let’s take a look at how the HR-V RS is one of the best in the segment:

#1: Cargo Capacity

Compared to its rivals in the segment, the HR-V RS has the largest overall cargo capacity, and it’s not even close. It’s able to maximize the space inside the cabin as it offers 1,665 L of cargo space, roughly 300 L more than any of its competitors. Whether one needs a car capable of carrying typical things needed for work, loading shopping or grocery bags, or one qualified to load baggage for long trips out of town, the HR-V RS is apt in addressing the cargo needs. Practicality is the name of the game these days, and the HR-V RS can cross out that requirement without compromising design and comfort.

#2: Lift-Over Height

Due to the increased height of the vehicles, lifting heavy items in a cargo area may be troublesome with SUVs or crossovers. How does the HR-V RS fair in this aspect, you may ask? This crossover has the lowest lift-over height among its competitors in the segment at 25.8 in, making it the easiest vehicle to load things with from the rear hatch. This may come in handy when preparing for a trip outside the city, especially for the one responsible loading and unloading the cargo.

#3 Headunit

The audio system for the HR-V RS is a 7” Kenwood touchscreen with navigation, comes with six speakers and built-in with WiFi, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. It’s the perfect headunit for anyone who loves listening to music to accompany them during grueling rush hour traffic or liberating out-of-town trips. Having the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto in the HR-V RS makes it safer and easier for drivers to access their favorite playlists in any driving situation.

#4 Legroom

Let’s move back to the practicality aspect of the crossover. Despite its membership in the subcompact SUV segment, the HR-V RS can comfortably seat five adults. It strikes the balance between practicality, and an active and modern design – evident in the piano black console and skirts, for instance. Moreover, it’s a vehicle that makes sense for individuals who will eventually start a family. This SUV with a coupe-like design is one capable of bringing children to school with their essentials. Feeling the need to sell one’s car from his or her bachelor or bachelorette days are diminished with the HR-V RS.

#5 Ground Clearance

Considering the condition of streets in many parts of the country, a vehicle’s ability to take on potholes and damaged roads has become somewhat of an important factor when choosing a car. However, not everyone wants to drive a pick-up truck or a huge SUV daily due to the worsening state of traffic. With a segment-best ground clearance of 185 mm, the HR-V RS can take on these feared beat-up roads without giving the driver too much anxiety.

The subcompact SUV arena has been nothing short of a hit as new models are constantly unveiled by manufacturers, and the segment’s success is evident in its wide presence on Philippine roads. The fact that the new 2018 Honda HR-V RS is one fun car to drive can’t be overlooked. Driving to Tagaytay through Talisay showcased the crossover’s handling prowess as it confidently hugged winding roads, and this is an astounding highlight for a vehicle in its level. If there is one thing we learned during this trip, it’s that the 2018 Honda HR-V RS is a top contender in its segment.