July 11, 2019 By C! Magazine Staff Words and photos by Maki Aganon

Japanese Girl’s Bike Inspired CPI Tyke 100 by Kratos Custom Cycles

Who would have thought that a bike that was offered to the market as a utility transporter can transform to be as appealing and full of character? The CPI Tyke 100 offered as one of the innovative, comfort and hassle free ride.

Kratos Custom Cycles, widely known as one of the most respected motorcycle operating table in Metro Manila, built something away from the usual trend-setting, costly but worthy, cafe racers, scramblers, testosterone-pumped concept bikes, etc. The CPI Tyke 100 project was a different one.


“It was a concept through words.” Shared Todee Teodoro, KCC himself. “This is really different from what I usually make. This garage is a Man-Cave. I just wanted to do someting different from what I usually do. My client, Charo Espedido, wanted a Japanese Girl’s bike that looks retro. It was actually simple and easy. It was the design process that took some time. We were able to complete the work in 3 days.”

The CPI Tyke 100 appears easy to work on. Especially for people who’s work is nearby their homes. The spec sheet shows a 4.5L fuel capacity, air cooled 4 stroke single cylinder engine, 4 speed transmission, and an 85km/hr capability. The Tyke is a good start up bike. For those who want to start riding, short distance commuters and also a good errand bike. Believe it or not, you can buy one for only P26,000.

Reminiscing the 50’s Teal retro pantone, the bike got it’s character. The seat came from old Japanese bikes, few fender revisions in the front and back, a swap on the headlights and a few clean wiring did the job. The CPI Tyke 100 looked fresh and bright. A few more of these could engage a lot of female riders in the future.

For more info about the custom bike, visit Kratos Custom Cycles (Todee Teodoro) on Facebook.


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