May 20, 2019 By Nicolas A. Calanoc

Getting It Just Right: What I Learned from A Road-Trip with the all-new 2019 Subaru Forester

Packing luggage for a trip and deciding how much space you been when buying a car is oddly similar. People tend to overpack in anticipating for an extra day, only to bring one too many clothes. Just like packing, people sometimes select a car that is too big or too qualified for what they need that they end up with space and features that they never use. The common denominator is that you are carrying things you don’t need.

Off-road capability gets the same overcompensation. There will always be that guy that will think he will go off-road but the most he will ever do is the sandy road. He will sacrifice comfort, size, safety, and drivability just for that one “I might go off-road” factor that he isn’t brave enough to take in the first place. Nowadays, there are vehicles that can offer all the good stuff of a car and yet can take on situations that most cars can’t: the all-wheel drive crossovers.

Admittedly as I was going through the C! Buyer’s Guide, the options aren’t as vast as the truck-based SUVs, but the selection is enough to cater to many different lifestyles. When it comes to the active outdoorsy person, they will tend to gravitate to the 2019 Subaru Forester, and for good reasons.

Throughout the years, Subaru clearly targeted the Forester for that market. And just as these adventurers have evolved to push the boundaries, Subaru has been pushing their Forester to the same level, making sure that they can go where they need to be without getting stuck. It has come to the point that the ground clearance of the all-new Subaru Forester is exactly the same as the average ground clearance of the truck-based SUVs of 220mm.

We got a chance to drive with Subaru Philippines up north to do some river crossing with the all-new 2019 Subaru Forester. This scenario is something many wouldn’t do, but we did anyway. The river wasn’t kind either, with the tide being waist deep and the current enough to push a person that wasn’t paying attention. And yet, the Forester went through without a problem. The interesting part was that even the new off-road drivers, they were able to go through easily with the help of Subaru’s X-Mode.

Most will look at this whole trip through a magnifying glass and be staring at the capability of the all-new Subaru Forester when it comes to off-road driving. I think though looking at it that way is missing the point. If you look at the whole affair of us driving 290 km. up north smoothly with 4 comfortable passengers with all their gear at the trunk, going through winding roads like a sedan, cutting through traffic with more-than-adequate power, and still being capable of driving through paths that were never taken; you will see that all-wheel drive crossovers like the all-new 2019 Subaru Forester is the perfect balance of everything you might need without sacrificing anything really.

For serious off-roaders that go overlanding or trails that are near impossible to get through, the truck-based SUVs will still be the top choice for those kinds of adventures. But for everyone else that go to rough terrain, beaches, and alike, take your time and do your research in what you need in a vehicle. See how much you really need and take note of how much driving you will be doing in different locations. Look at the different aspects of a car and look for one that can keep the most pro factors intact. With that in mind, if you need somewhat of an SUV but with the comfort and convenience of a sedan, take a look at the all-wheel drive crossovers like the all-new 2019 Subaru Forester. It’s at least a good starting point when choosing your next practical car.


Click Here for our first drive of the all-new 2019 Subaru Forester video when it was launched in Taiwan.

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