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First drive: 2018 Ferrari 488 Pista

Why does this look a little different?

That’s because we drove it before we were supposed to. We were able to take out on road and track, dissect and discuss with the engineers, designers and test drivers, the brand new Ferrari 488 PISTA as a not-yet-releasable engine assessment drive.

We couldn’t bring our own cameras or gear, we were sworn by several legal documents to secrecy. What we got in return was the chance to take something out that most people were only talking about. Ferrari told us that everyone was throwing numbers back and forth that were great but didn’t do justice to their latest little toy. They allowed us to do full-on testing of engines, dynamics and technologies, they gave us hands-on (literally) access to the new parts and components and technologies that make the new 488 Pista far more than the sum of its parts.