February 27, 2018 By Francis G. Pallarco Images by Jerel Fajardo

2016 Porsche 911 (991) GT3 RS – Street Weapon

The pinnacle. In terms of the current Porsche 911 (991) range, the GT3 RS proudly sits at the top when it comes to providing pure unadulterated power and handling. Consider it as an amalgam of Porsche’s characteristics developed through the years. From the legendary RSR’s that ran at Le Mans during the seventies with the iconic Martini Racing liveries, the Porsche ethos continues with the current GT3 RS Variants where, according to Porsche “It signifies its status as nearly a race car driving machine.” Starting with the wide rear fenders, an uprated naturally aspirated flat six from the already pretty fast GT3, huge amounts of aerodynamic and trick-material accouterments and it instantly becomes very clear that they’ve created a perfect track day weapon.

Straight from the factory, the GT3 RS is by no means ordinary. A naturally aspirated 4.0-liter flat-six engine pumps out 500 hp and 339 ft-lb of torque. As to be expected, the boxer engine mates to a PDK transmission specifically developed for it. Porsche added various drool worthy racecar features aimed for motorsports use such as, “Paddle Neutral” that’s similar to declutching with a conventional manual tranny. Another one is “Pit Speed” that allows speed limiting at the push of a button. We all know how a Porsche flat six howls at high rpm, but this one emits a more guttural feel as it ditches the already efficient exhaust for a Dundon Motorsports race header with titanium tips. Tuned pipe lengths and dyno proven to generate more power at 7 to 8000 rpm, it’s also lighter than the stock system making it one aftermarket mod that should be requisite. Another simple yet effective mod they employed involved using transmission inserts that limits the transmission from moving under stress.The result? Crisp gear changes that feel more positive and even help the car attain better handling.

Speaking of handling, the Porsche coil springs have also been replaced with a BBI street cup suspension package. This aftermarket kit uses linear coil springs, including the helper springs. Linear means there’s equal distance between each coil throughout its entire length. Normally used for track applications, it provides great driver feedback. However, its only downside would be its stiff ride quality. The kit also comes with aftermarket arms and links with spherical bearings unlike the factory ones that use degradable bushings. Of course, those BBS wheels are hard to miss. These are one-piece, forged Magnesium wheels which do an awesome job at making this GT3 RS stand out, most especially when parked among its kind, but what’s significant about them is that these are considerably lighter by as much as 25%. The front rims are 20’s while the rears are 21’s, while taking full advantage of the insane amounts of grip coming from the Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires, it is more than capable of delivering agile turn-in characteristics and higher cornering speeds.

Going inside this race spec aftermarket-laden GT3 RS, we find a KMP GT3 Cup steering wheel with all the buttons and switches, an Eisenmann front roll cage, which ties in the factory roll bar at the rear to make up one rigid roll cage. More race-spec safety items were also added such as carbon fiber Recaro P1300 racing seats, Schroth safety harnesses, Rennline tow hooks and even an ultra-light Braille lithium ion battery round out the mods found inside this track weapon.

The exterior is composed of lightweight panels of carbon fiber while the roof is a one-millimeter-thick sheet of magnesium, where Porsche says is lighter by almost two-and-a-half pounds than an aluminum roof. Coincidentally, this is also the aspect that commands attention, beginning with its iconic 911 silhouette made even more appealing by the unmistakable Martini Racing livery. Made by Porsche Tequipment for most 911 models, including the GT3 RS, the Martini Racing Design motorsports decorative sticker set includes the Martini logo on the bonnet and decorative stripes on the trunk lid as well as on the roof, rear wing and side skirts. Despite the already aerodynamic design, the owner added front canards and a Voltex GT Wing.

Overall, this is one fantastically disguised, ultra-high performance car that’s been further modified. Although one can’t help but notice the race-spec items such as the adjustable pit-lane speed function, the GT3 Cup steering wheel, straps that work as interior door handles, the BBS center lock wheel feature and more. But then again, these are just requisite pieces of equipment found on cars whose only goal is performance. After all, Porsche describes it as “More race-car–like” when it reality it’s actually a street legal racecar.


2016 Porsche 911 (991) GT3 RS

Engine: 4.0-Liter, Flat-Six, DOHC, DFI

Engine Mods: Dundon Motorsports 321 Race headers with titanium exhaust tips

Transmission: 7-speed Porsche Doppelkupplung (PDK)

Horsepower (Factory Figures): 500 hp @ 8,250 RPM, 339 lb-ft of Torque

Suspension Mods: BBI Street Cup Suspension Package

Rollers: BBS RE-MTSP Magnesium Racing Wheels (20×9.5-inch Front, 21×12.5-inch Rear), Michelin Sport Cup 2 tires (265/35-20 Front, 325/30-21 Rear)

Interior Mods: KMP GT3 Cup Car Steering Wheel, Eisenmann Roll Cage (front), Recaro P1300 Full Carbon Fiber Race Seat, Schroth (6 pt) Safety Harness, Rennline Floor Mats, Rennline Tow Hooks

Exterior Mods: Fastest Cars JP Racing Canards (front), Voltex GT Wing (rear), Xpel Matte Protection Film, Porsche Cup OEM Visor, Porsche Tequipment Martini Racing Design Motorsports Sticker Set

Other Stuff: Function First PDK Transmission Mount Insert, Braille Lithium Ion Battery

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