Gas Up to Save Gas

Choosing the right fuel helps your engine run better and provide extra mileage 

Oftentimes taken for granted, refueling is very easy. Simply pull up to a gas station and tell the attendant how much fuel to put, wait, pay and then leave. It’s very basic indeed, but when you pull up and see the different gas options, each with a different name, rating, and a different price. Suddenly, it’s not so simple anymore.

Here are some useful tips to help you choose the best fuel to boost your vehicle’s engine performance and travel longer distances:

  • Follow the kind and type of fuel that the car manufacturer recommends that’s normally indicated on the gas filler lid/gas cap and on the owner’s manual. 
  • Use the octane rating your car’s engine requires to maximize its performance. Remember, higher octane ratings do not always mean higher engine performance.
  • Choose Petron fuel with TriAction Advantage formulation that contains advanced additives and friction fighting substances for better engine protection and improved fuel mileage.

Three things better with Petron's TriAction Advantage:

  1. Better engine protection for longer engine life - keeps the engine clean and efficient by preventing harmful carbon deposits that can also clog fuel injectors. 
  2. Better mileage for longer drives - takes your drive further due to improved fuel consumption and lower maintenance costs as the engine runs cleaner and more efficient. 
  3. Better power - packed with advanced detergents, combustion improver, and friction modifier additives that allow the engine to operate at its best.

So there you have it, choosing the right fuel equates to getting more fuel mileage while saving on maintenance costs and fuel consumption. Petron’s ‘TriAction Advantage’ fuels includes Petron Blaze (100 RON), Petron XCS (95 RON), Petron Xtra Advance (93 RON), Petron Super Gasoline (91 RON), Petron Turbo Diesel, and Petron Diesel Max.