Code R. A. C. E – Advanced Motorcycle-Racing School

Because learning is a continuous experience

Learning is a continuous experience and should never cease especially when racing motorcycles around the circuit. The much-awaited Code R.A.C.E. is Keith Code’s advanced motorcycle-racing school that teaches specifics on cornering, how to brake, how to do race starts, and how to pass. Code R.A.C.E., I would say, is a program not for new or inexperienced riders but more for advanced and experienced riders who are currently into motorcycle racing. If you have completed the California Superbike School’s curriculum, the Code R.A.C.E. program is the next step aimed at mastering the bike, the track and increases your skill level to bring those lap times down.

Thankfully, BMW Motorrad Philippines, Euro Monkeys, and JP Tuason Racing School have done just that. These are the same people responsible for bringing in the California Superbike School here annually and now they have brought in the Code R.A.C.E. program for our motorcycle superbike racers held at the Clark International Speedway.

I was asked to cover the event and take the course as well, as I do have superbike-racing experience and still currently race from time to time. This was a good opportunity to learn from a more advanced superbike-racing course held for the first time here in the Philippines.

This was going to be a two-day course on racing. Yes, two full days. We start off with lectures and then apply it onto our practice sessions, topped off with a race session at the end of each day. We have three practice sessions: one qualifying, one race, and a race debriefing session. We race against our instructors and fellow students at the end of the two-day course, applying the knowledge learned from each session. What the Code R.A.C.E. does for current racers is look for their weaknesses. For instance, they asked me which corners were my Achilles heel, then, they simply lay down racing techniques that helped me improve and take that corner using the quickest line possible by showing me the best entry line to take, least braking to do, and best way out of that corner. They even go to the extent of using a radar gun in this procedure. Code R.A.C.E. instructors want to see how quickly you can accelerate out of the corner and achieve a good terminal speed onto the straights. Of course, the corner entry has to be right in the first place to achieve the best corner exit possible.

Then, in another session, they make us master race-starts off the starting line by keeping revs up to 8,000rpm and letting the clutch out right to its engagement point and keeping it there until the red light on the grid or starting line disappears. They also try to make us smoother in the braking department by listening the sound of our downshifts and sequence of downshifts before a corner, thus correcting those who don’t have right sequence and those who don’t brake as smoothly.

At the end of the day, we raced against the instructors, and students applied all we have learned during the day. Official Code R.A.C.E. trophies are awarded for 1st to 3rd. Yes, there are trophies given to the students. That’s how serious they are in this race program. This is repeated again on the second day of the course. The bottom line here is that they want you to simply be quicker, faster, and bring your personal lap times down.

For those aspiring superbike racers, I highly recommend to first take all levels of the California Superbike School first before entering the Code R.A.C.E. program.

Many techniques in the Code R.A.C.E. course rely on the California Superbike School lectures and experiences. There is so far no other advanced Superbike Race program currently offered except for Code R.A.C.E. So for many of you who have taken the CSS course, this is the next and final level.

Best experience I had so far. I would like to Thank BMW Phils honcho Gil Balderas, EuroMonkeys SBK Champ Raniel Resuello, and Emil Banno for encouraging me to take it and cover the event. This has been a surreal experience and best investment ever for advanced course on motorcycle racing.

Bravo, guys, for bringing Code R.A.C.E. in.